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Four types of drone jammers

Admin Posted on 2022-11-18

The rapid development of drone technology and growing awareness of their potential threats has resulted in the rapid growth of the drone detection market. Technology providers offer solid detection mechanisms, but organizations now face new challenges: How do you respond to alerts? Each drone countermeasure has its own advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the right one is not an easy task.

Fixed Low Altitude Defense uav jammer system

This set of drone signal jamming systems is also called: a drone electromagnetic jamming system, drone jammer, drone jammer, etc. For example confidential units, prisons, schools, troops, large factories, mines, etc.;

Backpack drone signal jammer countermeasure equipment

This backpack drone jammer (drone jamming system, drone countermeasure equipment, drone defense system) is easy to carry, flexible to use, and has a built-in large-capacity battery, which is especially suitable for large venues. , infantry units, military security forces, SWAT teams, bomb disposal units, anti-terrorism units, anti-narcotics units, riot control units, EOD units, checkpoints, hostage negotiations, border control, etc.

powerful drone jammer

Tow box drone frequency jammer

This high-power box-type UAV jamming system, also known as a low-slow and small countermeasure system, UAV low-altitude defense system, is mainly aimed at commonly used flight control signals, GPS navigation signals, 2.4G/5.8G wireless data transmission, etc. Interference is implemented in the frequency band to achieve UAV defense effects such as driving away, jamming, forced landing, and an interception.

This box-type drone defense system can effectively prevent the proliferation of drones that may be caused by: acting as a spy, violating the privacy, information leakage, drug smuggling, terrorist attacks carrying bombs, throwing bombs, shooting guns, carrying biological and chemical weapons, etc.

Handheld UAV Defense System

This high-power handheld UAV jammer countermeasure system (gun-type low-slow countermeasure, low-altitude defense system, anti-drone jamming gun) is especially suitable for: Police, Police, Bomb Squad, Mission Protection, Special Police (SWAT), Military Security Forces, Bomb Squad, Anti-Terrorist Units, Anti-Narcotics Units, Border Control Units, Checkpoints, etc.

Choosing the above different types of UAV jammer equipment can provide some necessary countermeasures and defense measures for enterprises suffering from drone security threats so that in the UAV countermeasure area, the drones inside cannot take off. Drones outside can't fly. This is what these devices can achieve, and at the same time, it also eliminates hidden dangers such as your company's network security and secret theft.

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