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Drone jammer disposal process

Admin Posted on 2022-10-05

At present, it is urgent to build an advanced digital anti-terrorism security integration platform, vigorously promote the modernization, intelligentization, and scientific process of counter-terrorism, realize the need for the police force through science and technology and use high-tech means to strengthen and ensure anti-terrorism security work. At present, there are three main types of drone jammer methods: interference blocking, cloud monitoring and control, and direct destruction. Among them, the interference blocking type is widely used due to its advantages of simple operation, low price, and easy portability.

The drone jammer system consists of a command subsystem, a communication subsystem, a detection subsystem, and an interference countermeasure subsystem. The system has high integration, strong applicability, and good scalability, and can be flexibly configured with different detection, interference, and strike equipment according to different application scenarios. According to user needs, it can be equipped with laser-directed energy weapons, radio detection equipment, and other functional configurations.

Drone UAV jammer disposal process:

1. Target detection

In a complex environment, active and passive detection means to find the intruding UAV target, and guide the optoelectronic equipment to track the target in real-time, law enforcement, and evidence collection.

2. Situation display

The command center receives the detection front end and reports the target information. Real-time display of air defense area visitation. Once the intrusion target is found, the system will alarm in time.

3. Command and Control

anti drone uav jammer

According to the real-time police situation, the command center conducts counter-interference and interception of intrusion targets through the communication network instructing, jamming, or laser strike equipment.

4. Interference interception

UAV jamming equipment implements countermeasures to intruding UAV targets. Laser strike equipment intercepts invading drone targets.

In recent years, with the rapid development of UAV technology, various new types of UAVs such as remote-controlled helicopters and multi-rotors that are easy to control have appeared. The black flying of UAVs also occurs frequently, posing challenges to security and public security management. In the future, anti drone jammer technology will definitely play an important role in the security field.

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