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What are the types of antennas for wifi jammers?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-27

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, the application market of Bluetooth technology is becoming larger and larger, and more smart devices have or are considering using Bluetooth low-energy modules to achieve more functions. In the application process, many people will encounter issues such as how to choose a low-power Bluetooth module antenna, and whether a shield is required. Let's take a look at these two issues. At present, low-power wifi jammer is divided into three types of antennas: PCB antennas, IPEX external antennas, and ceramic antennas.

PCB on-board antenna: The advantage is that the cost is low, the antenna does not need to be assembled separately, it is not easy to touch and damage and the assembly is convenient; interference.

IPEX external antenna: There is an IPEX socket on the module, which requires an external Bluetooth antenna. The advantages are: the direction of the signal is good, the efficiency is high, the anti-interference ability is strong, it can be far away from the interference on the main board, and there is no need to do too much debugging and matching. As a terminal manufacturer, you only need to connect an IPEX antenna outside. Disadvantages: High cost and troublesome to assemble.

Ceramic antenna: It is a miniaturized antenna suitable for Bluetooth wifi jammer devices. Ceramic antennas are further divided into block ceramic antennas and multilayer ceramic antennas. The block antenna is to use high temperature to sinter the whole ceramic body at one time and then prints the metal part of the antenna on the surface of the ceramic block. The multi-layer antenna firing adopts the low-temperature co-firing method, which means that the multi-layer ceramics are stacked and aligned and then sintered at high temperature, so the metal conductor of the antenna can be printed on each ceramic dielectric layer according to the design requirements, so that it can effectively Reduce the size of the antenna, and can achieve the purpose of hiding the antenna. Since the dielectric constant of the ceramic itself is higher than that of the PCB circuit board, the use of a ceramic antenna can effectively reduce the size of the antenna.

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How to choose three kinds of antennas?

The low-power wifi signal jammer itself is a Bluetooth module for short-range data transmission. When the use environment is free of metal coverage and other influences, the Bluetooth module of the PCB on-board antenna can meet the needs; There are certain requirements for data transmission, and there is a metal-covered environment, an IPEX external antenna is required to improve the data transmission performance of the module; if the PCB board space is not large, a ceramic antenna can be used. Choose different antennas according to your different needs.

Whether a shielding cover is required: The low-power Bluetooth module itself is a radio frequency module, and it will receive and transmit signals in the working state. If there is interference in the PCB board environment, if you want to shield the signal interference, choose a Bluetooth module with a shielding cover; if the PCB board environment interference will not affect the If work of the Bluetooth module is affected, you can choose a Bluetooth module without a shield cover. To sum up, all the choices need to be adjusted according to the times, and the appropriate low-power Bluetooth module should be selected according to the project needs.

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