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Why don't you install a wifi jammer when you can't make calls on the plane?

Admin Posted on 2022-11-01

The frequency of the mobile phone signal will interfere with the equipment on the plane, which is a big safety hazard. In order to ensure flight safety, the use of mobile phones is currently prohibited on planes. It is recommended to set the mobile phone to flight mode after boarding, but not everyone is like this. Consciously, so why not put wifi jammer on planes?

Mobile phones use frequency hopping pulses to transmit signals, and there will be certain electromagnetic radiation, so many secondary radio waves of different frequencies will be generated. Although these secondary radio waves are very weak, the sensitivity of the airborne communication equipment is very high, and the effect of the flight mode of most mobile phones is not stable. It is the best choice for passengers to turn off their mobile phones throughout the flight.

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Although the signal jammer is called a signal "blocker", it is essentially a signal "jammer" and a high-power wifi jammer. Mobile phones cannot be used on planes to prevent signals from interfering with aircraft communications. Installing a "blocker" is to install a huge source of interference. Therefore, there is no wifi frequency jammer installed on the plane!

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