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Product introduction of new portable all-in-one drone jammer

Admin Posted on 2022-09-29

With the development of the UAV industry, the number of civilian UAV equipment has exploded. For the control of illegal behavior of drones, the protection of people's lives and property, and the maintenance of normal social life and production order, drone jammer is of great significance.

Drone signal jammer introduction and important features

The drone frequency jammer (hereinafter referred to as the drone jammer) mainly controls the UAV in flight state and cuts off the connection between the UAV and the remote controller from a long distance. Through the drone uav jammer, the drone can be forced to land or forcibly drive away to ensure the safety of the airspace in the area.

This product is a technology-based public security and security instrument, mainly used in:

Protection of domestic no-fly areas, such as prisons, military management areas, national strategic resource projects, nuclear industry facilities, airports, and political and other areas.

Sites to prevent information leakages, such as major criminal cases, urban management law enforcement sites, important security sites, protection of political dignitaries, rehearsal for large-scale performances, archaeological excavation sites, and large-scale group incident sites.

Crackdown on cases of using drones as a carrier of illegal activities, such as drug/drug trafficking, smuggling, illegal items or information transmission.

mobile portable drone jammer

The above picture is the latest version of this latest portable drone jammer that combines an instrument and a trolley case in one

1. Interception method

Multi-band electromagnetic emission can cut off the connection between the drone and the remote controller at a long distance and can control various types of drones such as civil, commercial, and aerial photography drones produced in China, Japan, the United States, and the European Union.

2. Functional Mode

The drone can be forced to make a forced landing or forced return (the remote controller can be tracked for capture), and can be switched to a forced landing or return with one key.

3. Effective control distance

0 meters to 500 meters, covering the entire low-altitude open area.

4. Battery

Equipped with a detachable high-capacity lithium battery, the lithium battery can last for 30 minutes for the equipment to work continuously (each set is equipped with 2 original batteries);

5. Use the environment

Ambient temperature: -22℃ to +70℃

6:Power supply method

The instrument is equipped with a high-capacity removable lithium battery (12AH.6v), which can work continuously for 45-70 minutes (related to the aging degree of the battery, whether it is charged or not, and the degree of maintenance).

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