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What is the best way to interfere with the signal in the school's examination room?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-28

The most important place to use signal blockers in the examination room is the school examination room, especially in the secondary school examinations, college entrance examinations, examinations, university English four or six skills, and other important examination occasion certificates. There are also many schools that install wifi jammer in the classroom examination room, the usual midterm and final exams will also be used. Some schools even turn on the jammers in the classroom to use them.

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How do install wifi signal jammer in schools to get the best results?

For important but temporary occasions such as college entrance exams, exams, CET-4, CET-6 English, etc., because there are only a few days, there is no need to install a signal blocker in the exam room, instead, you can choose a convenient and flexible portable wifi jammer. Just bring the test center signal shield to the classroom before the test starts and it will be ready to use. In this case, most of the wifi jammer device is placed in front and back of the classroom for easy access to electricity, or they can be placed directly on the podium of the exam room. For a better shielding effect, one can be placed in front and back of the classroom to better ensure the shielding effect.

Exam room signal shield if you want to use it in the classroom for a long time. This is when the shielding device needs to be fixed in the classroom and has extremely high requirements for installation. In the pursuit of better shielding, it can be placed about 3 meters. In addition, it can be equipped with wifi blockers for the examination room that needs to be switched on and off. The same control can be performed during use for easy management.

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