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Advantages of various drone jammer technologies

Admin Posted on 2022-10-06

At present, drone jammer in various countries is mainly divided into three categories.

1. Interference blocking, which is mainly realized by techniques such as signal interference and sound wave interference.

2. Direct destruction, including the use of laser weapons and the use of drones to counter drones.

3. Monitoring and control, which are mainly realized by hijacking radio control.

The second type of technology is mainly used in the military field. The following is a discussion of the first and third types of drone signal jammer technologies, and how to use information technology to counteract consumer drones.

At present, all civilian UAVs need to use radio technology to achieve positioning, remote control, image transmission, and other functions. Of course, some special-purpose UAVs can use methods such as terrain matching, image recognition, and high-precision inertial navigation to determine their position and complete tasks autonomously, but they have not yet been popularized in the civilian field. Since the drone must use radio technology, it is possible to interfere with the radio, so as to achieve the goal of losing control of the drone or turning back.

In just a few years, drones have gone from niche to popular. Due to their rapid development, safety hazards and accidents caused by drones' "black flying" have also been banned repeatedly, so the drone jammer system has also emerged as the times require.

What kind of method does the drone jammer use to encircle and suppress the drone?

Blocking interference type

This type is more suitable for the current flood of drones and is widely used in anti-drone methods. The most widely used anti-drone strategy is to launch directional sound waves or radio frequency to the target UAV, interfere with the hardware of the UAV or cut off the communication between the UAV and the remote control, thus forcing the unmanned aircraft to land or return by itself.

Signal interference

Generally speaking, the simplest and most direct way of interference blocking is signal interference, which has relatively low technical content and low cost. At present, most UAVs on the market use a combination of GPS satellite navigation systems and inertial navigation systems. It is not difficult to interfere with the GPS signal. The drone anti jammer system only needs to launch a certain amount of The directional radio frequency of the power is enough. After the GPS signal of the drone interferes, accurate self-coordinate data cannot be obtained, which will cause the drone to lose control to a certain extent, so that the operation fails. However, this method is also the mildest method among many "encirclement and suppression" drones. It will not let the drone fall. It is a way to reduce the "harmful purpose" of the drone through interference.

Sonic interference

Compared with signal interference, sound wave interference is much more high-end, and the degree of damage is higher than that of signal interference.

In August last year, researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) published a report saying they had developed a new "sonic jamming counter-drone system" that, unlike signal jamming, uses Sound waves to jam the drone's hardware, rendering it incapacitated.

There is an important component inside the drone, the gyroscope, which can provide the drone with information such as body tilt, rotation, and direction angle to maintain the balance of the body. Researchers in South Korea have proved that when the frequency of the sound wave is consistent with the natural frequency of the drone's gyroscope, resonance will occur, making the gyroscope unable to work properly, causing the drone to fall. Although the method of interfering with hardware is more violent and direct, the relative lack of signal interference is that the targeting and tracking performance of sonic interference is not as stable as GPS interference, and the cost is expensive.

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Radio interference

When it comes to jamming blocking anti-UAV systems, I have to mention the AUDS system, which is also from Blighter Surveillance Systems, Chess Dynamics, and Enterprise Control Systems. The anti-drone system jointly developed by (Enterprise Control Systems) is the most famous drone anti jammer device of last year, which mainly uses a high-power radio wave to destroy drones. Simply put, this radio wave can effectively block the communication of the drone and can shut down the drone in mid-air. The attack distance of the defense system is also very long. It can attack threatening drones 1.6 kilometers away. It only takes 10-15 seconds to aim at the target. It can also launch a "swarm attack" on the drone to shoot down multiple drones at one time It is a great threat to black flying drones.

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