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How to choose the right wifi jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-09-15

The advantages of built-in wifi jammer compared to external wifi signal jammer:

Of course, in terms of energy saving and heat dissipation, the built-in wifi signal jammer cannot be compared with the external wifi signal blocker. In terms of external structure, the built-in wifi scrambler integrates the transmitting antenna, power supply and heat sink in an external plastic shell. In terms of appearance, it is more beautiful and convenient to plug and play. Advantages such as power supply have great advantages in some school examination rooms, conference rooms, and confidential places where the flow of people is easy to manage or the areas are often moved.

Then the external wifi jammer device is structurally made of thickened pure aluminum alloy through oxidation and paint and other processes to combine the circuit board with the shell and make full use of its own shell to achieve a good heat dissipation effect, because the antenna adopts SMA head external Connection, the power supply is also external, which is not conducive to long-term mobile use, cumbersome operation, and inconvenient installation, but its own advantages are also particularly strong. It will be better, because the power supply of the external wifi blocker is also separated from the host computer, it will not add extra burden to the host computer, and it can work more stably for a long time. Combined with the above advantages, the external wifi signal jammer is more suitable for school classrooms, student dormitories, churches, troops, prisons, detention centers and other fixed places that require continuous work and stable use for 365 days for a long time.

Factors that should be considered in the selection of wifi signal jammer equipment:

The choice of wifi blocker is good for you. Don't trust any big brand. Price is also not a major factor. Whether the wifi frequency jammer is qualified can be seen from the company's various certifications, materials used, debugging and processing technology, etc. There are some basic requirements for the selection of the signal jammer. If there is no formal company registration, whether there is a registered trademark, etc., you can ask the manufacturer to provide the debugging photos of the wifi signal jammer, photos of the internal structure, etc. are the basic criteria for judging a wifi jammer . From the debugging photos, it can be seen whether the frequency of a wifi jammer is square and has clutter, whether the frequency debugging width and power are qualified, and whether the 8-way output outside is indeed 5-way output that is falsified.

How to compare masker device parameter functions:

pocket wifi jammer

If you buy a wifi blocker device, you can compare the parameters and functions of the debugging data to see if you can block the CDMA/GSM/DCS/PHS/3G/4G mobile unicom three-network wifi signal shielding in all frequency bands. Whether each channel has sufficient power output Of course, the more channels output, the better the shielding effect. The world is vast, the communication operators in each country are also different, and the network standards used in different places are also different. For the customers themselves, they should know what place we need to use the equipment and what effect we need to achieve. According to the place of use and the country of use, we will find a professional equipment manufacturer to recommend suitable supporting equipment to you.

At present, the price of the shielding industry is still quite messy. By stealing the beam and replacing the column, using the fake to the real, reducing power, false publicity and other means, so the price of the equipment is only a reference, not the more expensive the better, it is good to choose a professional manufacturer who can provide long-term after-sales, and sales are sometimes psychological, not products. its own intrinsic value.

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