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Which scenarios prohibit the use of drones?

Admin Posted on 2022-09-26

Drones flying around will cause great security risks. The state has explicitly prohibited the takeoff and landing of drones in some important scenes, and each area has a no-fly zone. During the normal operation of drones, during some important large-scale activities, it is necessary to stay away from the no-fly zone to avoid penalties.

1. Airport
In recent years, the "black flying" of drones, especially the intrusion of the airport's clearance protection area, has occurred frequently, seriously threatening the normal operation of the airport and the safety of passengers. Due to the low flight altitude and poor maneuverability of the aircraft during take-off and landing, it is difficult to take effective measures to avoid it in time when encountering aerial objects such as drones, which may threaten flight safety or cause flight delays. Therefore, in order to ensure flight safety, it is necessary to create a clean area in the area where aircraft take off and land.

2. Site of important events

Conference sites, such as large international conferences, major home diplomatic events, sports competition sites, etc.

3. Prison Prisons have high privacy to prevent information leakage

4. Archaeological dig site
Archaeological shooting groups generally need to submit an application form, which includes: the name of the applicant organization and relevant certification materials; the name and purpose of the shooting project; the shooting time and location; the name and contact information of the person in charge of the project, as well as the specific shooting list, work plan, and guaranteed cultural relics safety precautions.

5. Military Administration Area

Article 15 of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Military Facilities prohibits personnel, vehicles, and ships other than the management units of military restricted areas on land and waters from entering the military restricted areas. Aircraft perform low-altitude flight over military restricted areas. However, the exceptions are those approved by military organs at or above the military region level.

6. Politicians accompanying

Every country has the country's most secret security system for dignitaries, as well as "secret weapons to ensure the security of dignitaries"

7. Politically sensitive areas

According to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, some Chinese citizens in Iran recently took photos in politically, economically, and militarily sensitive areas because they did not understand Iran’s national conditions. They were detained by the Iranian police for espionage charges and sent to court for trial. In addition, foreign citizens have their devices confiscated and their passports seized for taking photos in some sensitive areas of Iran, and sometimes they are even arrested and sentenced.

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8. Residential area

No one wants to have a drone suddenly appear in their backyard during an afternoon nap or a family dinner. Homeowners are increasingly concerned about drones carrying cameras snooping through their windows.

9. Large-scale event venues, residential areas, stations, docks, ports, squares, parks, scenic spots, business circles, schools, hospitals, and other densely populated areas

10. Large concert

Large-scale concerts are one of the most densely populated venues, and one of the security plans will include safety measures to prevent drones from intruding.

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