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The drone show has bugs, is it the pot of jammers?

Admin Posted on 2020-08-19

The fastest-growing new technology in recent years is undoubtedly the strong rise of drones. Nowadays, drones in many fields have become a new upsurge. The drone performances that follow are more open-ended. Variety of styles are favored. In various grand event celebrations, you can feel the infinite charm of the drone group.

It is not the first time that Xi’an, the ancient capital, used drone swarms to perform in festival celebrations. In this year’s Lantern Festival celebrations, 500 drones staged a wonderful light show. The world record of 1,218 drone performances set by Intel during the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea this year also put a rest on the May Day holiday. Xi’an set a new world record for 1,374 drone performances during May Day. Highly praised by foreign media and foreign netizens.

The only fly in the ointment is that a BUG appeared at the scene. Because the show was broadcast live, many attentive netizens and some on-site audiences found that “garbled codes” frequently appeared on the left side of the pattern during the performance, and the drone was combined to produce The left side of the patterns such as "Run Ba Xi'an", "1374" and Xi'an city wall are illegible. Even when the drone was recovered, a drone fell down, and the scene was once embarrassing.

It is worth noting that some netizens said through Weibo that the BUG had encountered malicious interference, and this passage was praised by the drone brand manufacturer at this event. Although the relevant departments are investigating the cause of the problem, it is impossible to confirm whether the signal interference is really true, and once the drone swarm is launched, it cannot be manipulated by humans and can only follow the established procedures.

At least, the world knows the news that Xi'an UAV broke the world record.

In fact, drone jammer is not a sophisticated technical means. The UAV jammers that have appeared in various security exhibitions in recent years are enough to show the maturity of this technology. Usually, there are three main ways that UAVs are interfered to cause loss of control during the flight: signal interference, sound wave interference and electric wave interference.

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Signal interference usually interferes with the UAV's GPS positioning system, and releases a certain power of directional radio frequency to the UAV, so that the UAV cannot obtain accurate coordinate data, thereby affecting the flight of the UAV. Acoustic interference attacks the gyroscope carried by the drone, which affects the stability of the gyroscope through resonance, thereby causing the drone to fly in disorder. Radio interference uses high-power radio waves to eliminate UAVs, including blocking UAV communications and shutting down UAVs in mid-air. Usually, drone jammers have various attack methods. Some products will have the above three functions at the same time, and then drive away or make a forced landing according to the actual situation.

Of course, some alternatives are not ruled out. For example, the U.S. anti-drone equipment uses a mobile high-energy laser cannon, which causes the drone to crash through laser beam irradiation. However, most of the current mainstream UAV jammers mainly interfere with the UAV's positioning system, so as to achieve the purpose of driving away the UAV or forcing it to land, and to ensure the safety of the low-altitude airspace.

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