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Does the mobile phone signal need to be transmitted via satellite?

Admin Posted on 2020-11-19

If the cell phone jammer mentions satellite transmission, the first reaction is satellite phone. Does the mobile phone signal need to be transmitted via satellite?

Cell phone signal jammers usually the satellite phones you see are equipped with antennas, but you can no longer see the location of the antennas on your smart phones. The reason is that satellite phones require larger transmission power, so their antennas are larger than smart phones (in fact, much larger), and they consume more power and have fewer functions than smart phones.

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High power of mobile phone signal jammer means unsafe, too high transmission power. If satellite phone transmission is in the vicinity of people for a long time, it is often harmful to people by electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, even if it is installed on ships, it is usually installed in some people. In places where it is located, or is isolated by metal (such as on the tower above the driver’s floor), it can be used directly by people. It can only be used as an emergency. If people are used for a long time, health problems will arise.

The mobile phone signal jammer also has a big difference, that is, the cost of satellite phone is much more expensive than the communication fee of our daily mobile phone. The price is about RMB 4 per minute. If it is a data service, according to the monthly subscription, it is 450,000 yuan per month; if it is based on the time, it is about 400 yuan an hour, providing up to 500KbpS uplink and downlink transmission bandwidth. In short, slow and expensive.

It is precisely because of this that mobile phone signal jammers will use satellite communication in areas where there is no current mobile phone signal coverage, or sometimes use satellite phones as a backup to prevent danger from going to places without mobile phone signals.

Mobile phone signal jammers currently use satellite phones for seafarers, field surveys, residents who live in deserts, grasslands, Gobi and other less-speaking residents, and some senior travel friends, and some business personnel may also be equipped with satellite phones. The purpose is to be able to maintain contact with the outside world in places where we usually understand that mobile phone signals cannot be covered, so that it can come in handy when encountering danger or needing help.

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