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Can the wifi signal jammer be shielded by a semicolon segment?

Admin Posted on 2022-11-17

Because the workplace is in the wilderness, the mobile phone has no signal. The unit installed a base station, but only the specific China Unicom number segment purchased from them can have a signal! May I ask what is the basis for this? Is there a solution? When I first installed the base station, all Unicom cards had a signal, and I had to buy a specific card within two days.

The working principle of the wifi jammer, generally speaking, is that the frequency emitted by the jammer itself interferes with the normal frequency of the mobile phone receiving the base station so that the mobile phone cannot be connected to the base station so that it cannot normally make calls, send and receive text messages, and surf the Internet.

As long as the wifi signal jammer is turned on in the room, all China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom mobile phones cannot be used normally.

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The situation you mentioned is not caused by the wifi jammer device. Generally speaking, the principle of the wifi blocker is to interfere with the mobile phone to receive the normal frequency sent by the base station through the frequency emitted by itself, so that the mobile phone and the base station lose contact and cannot work normally. communication. If a wifi bluetooth jammer is really installed, then all Unicom mobile phones will not be able to communicate normally, and it is impossible for some mobile phone numbers to be used normally, and the current jammer cannot realize the function of selectively blocking numbers. Your situation is caused by the settings of the base station installed by the company itself. It is only allowed to be used by internal employees, so the authority is set. Unauthorized numbers cannot connect to the base station. If anyone can connect, Then this base station becomes public.

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