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Jammer used in the pilgrimage center of the monastery

Admin Posted on 2020-08-19

Bangladesh: Sri Lanka, South India, the pilgrimage center of the Kuks Subra Sulaymaniyah Monastery. Some names have strengthened security measures, and the temple authorities have installed cell phone signal jammer.

This initiative is carried out in accordance with the requirements of loyal people to protect the temple building from noise disturbance. Temple engineer KC Udayakumar told you a few days ago that a mobile signal jammer was ordered.

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"We have installed the necessary signal arrangements with the help of cheap cell phone jammers in the private sector so that service providers can maintain and prevent others from using them, but we have blocked the signals of all service providers in the temple to prevent believers from using mobile phones. , He said, adding that this initiative has been successful so far. He said: “Because of the new initiative, believers are relieved. He added that the vast majority of believers are satisfied with the new decision.

This should help people get along better and build emotions.

Although Sri Kshetra Dharmastala's management does not intend to introduce mobile signal interference into the temple, their security personnel must ensure that there are no devotees using mobile phones in the temple. Temple manager Veeru Shetty said that security personnel have been faithfully instructing the inside of the temple to ask for the phone to be turned off.

The person in charge of the Kaing Sri Manjunatha temple said that they did not install mobile signal jammers in the temple plan because the religious department has a leading role in this regard.

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