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Cell phone jammers in the Cairo conflict

Admin Posted on 2020-08-28

During the last escalation of the Cairo uprising, the Egyptian armed forces used jamming tools to make protests uncoordinated and less destructive, thereby reducing the number of casualties in society. As a result, many lives were saved because the cell phone signals jammed.

Today Cairo is an epicenter of mass disruption. This terrible situation is extremely difficult. The city is full of protesters ready to reach their destination. The police are trying to put an end to all this riots and ask the demonstrators to leave Tahrir Square so that the calm atmosphere can be restored.

In order to stop coordinating the demonstrators' actions, the authorities shot down all cellular communications across the city. In a few hours it was renewed, but jammers for the local global system of mobile communication frequency interference were put in place in places of great crowds such as Tahrir Square and other centers of unrest in Cairo. Due to the use of Global System for Mobile Communications jamming devices, the coordination of the demonstration groups via cell phones became impracticable and the aggravation of the situation on the territory of Cairo was stopped. In addition, the use of radio-controlled bombs by radical protesters made the use of cell phone jammer impossible. Some bombs are activated by the signal from the cell phone, and Global System for Mobile Communications jammers prevent the successful use of such explosive devices.

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The member of the Jammer Welt Company commented on the situation of the Global System for Mobile Communications jammer appliance in Cairo as follows: “This is exactly what GSM jammers were originally developed for. It was police forces who first used jamming devices for equipment in various situations where certain radio waves were to be blocked. “He also confirmed that a large number of GSM jammers had been purchased in Cairo just before the new wave of protest activity. In connection with such an important demand for blocking tools, the Jammer Welt Company in Cairo has developed a GM20 cell phone jammer specifically for devices. This extremely powerful new generation cell phone jammer makes it possible to jam all global systems for mobile communication, WiFi, Code Division Multiple Access and Bluetooth signals within a huge range, and therefore a huge territory can be saved from these waves breaking out.

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GSM jammer is a tool with which all signals sent and received by the mobile phone can be disrupted. It becomes impossible to use the mobile phone successfully in the region where such a tool is turned on. Handheld GSM jammers were originally used by military departments and specialized agencies for security purposes. There is a wide range of such tools available, depending on size, functionality and cost. And a GM20 cell phone jammer developed by Jammerswelt Company is the most fail-safe and powerful GSM handheld jammer on the market. Designed to meet police demands, GM20 not only blocks cell phones, but also blocks frequently used frequencies such as Code Division Multiple Access, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These functions are very useful in police and military operations. In addition, there are numerous examples of the helpful civil use of GM20-GSM jammers by people of different financial and social status, as well as for professional measures. However, it is evident that the most useful use of this blocking tool is in situations where there is a risk of aggressive or disappointed people working together and the Global System for Mobile Communications signal to be disrupted in such difficult situations. GM20 military GSM jammer is the best tool to avoid terrorist activity and other dangerous occurrences where the mobile connection is paramount to the commission of other crimes.

Today the situation in Cairo is not as bad as it was a few days ago. A method as effective as jamming cell phone signals was a perfect decision and we hope that there will be no more very dangerous activity in Cairo.

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