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What should I pay attention to when using a wifi jammer in the exam room?

Admin Posted on 2022-11-01

The escort of the examination room cannot be without the artifact wifi jammer. It sounds very powerful, but this artifact is not omnipotent as imagined. So, what are the misunderstandings of the test room wifi signal jammer?

First of all, we should understand that the use range of wireless wifi jammers in the examination room is usually calculated by straight-line distance. Most of the signal jammers in the examination room can shield a range of about 50 meters. If it is calculated by the size of a classroom, then it is generally the scope of a classroom. The reason why many people misunderstand that the test room has a wifi jammer device is omnipotent, that is, they do not understand the principle of this kind of equipment.

The wifi frequency jammer mainly interferes with the signal of the mobile phone through electromagnetic, so as to achieve the purpose of not being able to communicate between the mobile phone and the mobile phone. However, different signal jammers can work in different ranges. Therefore, it is not correct to think that installing a wifi blocker can eliminate all fraudulent phenomena.

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Notes on installing a wifi signal jammer

To install a wifi bluetooth jammer, you also need to choose according to the surrounding environment. For example, if there is a signal base station nearby, or if there is an amplifier. Then, at this time, it is often not enough to install a signal jammer in a test room in a classroom of about 100 square meters. Because neither the base station nor the amplifier will interfere with the normal work of the signal jammer. According to the correct way, when installing the wifi bluetooth signal jammer, it should be as far away from the base station or amplifier as possible.

WiFi jammers cannot be used through walls, and the shielding distance of the jammer is not fixed. It should be determined according to the local signal environment. The stronger the mobile phone signal, the shorter the shielding distance, the weaker the signal, the longer the shielding distance. Be sure to measure the signal strength of the place where you are using it.

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