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Protect your online privacy with a cell phone jammer

Admin Posted on 2020-03-03

With the launch of Google Glass, technology has become closer to everyone's life and has changed it forever. With the advent of wearable technology, in the next few years, there may not even be any difference between the virtual world and the physical world. Regarding Google Glass, even in the development stage, it is a product that promises to change our view of the world. First, this is actually the virtual world in front of you. You can do everything you normally do on your phone, tablet or computer: search the Internet, send messages to others, take photos and videos, check emails, and post information to Google , but what we do n’t know is sometimes leaked Our information privacy, through signal jammers, can protect our personal information.

However, photos will never be any better. Google Glass's commitment to simplifying our lives also threatens our privacy. Cybercriminals are always in the lead and can manipulate devices to endanger users. Google Glass must use the same protocol and will use similar applications to interconnect with other devices, which is a convention among all devices that have not yet proposed alternatives. This makes them vulnerable to traditional attack vectors, which can take the form of targeting the middle layer (MiTM) against the network layer. This leads to exploitation of any vulnerability in the operating system or the application itself. Since Google Glass is based on Android, the device is likely to inherit vulnerabilities found in other devices using the same operating system. So cell phone jammer play a very important role in our lives.

Google Glass can connect to a mobile device via Bluetooth pairing with a mobile device, which can share its data network connection or Wi-Fi with a previous configuration of the network via a QR code generated by a MyGlass account or mobile application. The latter constitutes a recent threat from security company Lookout. When you add a network by adding a network name and password, a QR code containing the connection settings is generated and an automatic connection to the network is established when you view the network, which can cause dangerous QR errors. This then allows attackers to support network communications and redirect navigation to malicious web pages that exploit known Android Web vulnerabilities. As a result of all advances in technology, cybercriminals are constantly evolving, compromising our privacy. This prompts developers to review what they have created and protect it in the most appropriate way. The mobile phone signal jammer is the best tool in this regard and an important measure to protect our information security.

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