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A cell phone jammer is a device used to prevent mobile phones from receiving signals from base stations. They can be used anywhere, but are usually used where the call is interrupted. Mobile phones are very useful because we can contact anyone at any time, but sometimes it becomes very troublesome. Some mobile phone users do not know when to stop the call. The jammer is used where quietness is required. It creates a temporary "dead zone" for all mobile phone traffic in the air system. For more information about mobile phone signal jammers, please read the article here.

Mobile Phone blocker Blogs List

Five common myths about GPS jammer that just are not true

GPS jammers are innocently used by some drivers and reps who do not want to be tracked by their managers. These actions can have a more significant impact.

who invented jammer ?

In 1999, Tang Tai led a technical team in his laboratory to successfully develop the first mobile phone shielding device in China.

Introduction to car jammers

GPS signal jammers are small and compact anti-tracking devices that transmit radio frequency (RF signals) to interfere with GPS devices such as cell phones, Wi-Fi signals, and car GPS trackers.

How can cell phone signal jammers interfere with your cell phone signal?

Mobile phone signal jammer have become standard equipment in the examination room, not only for middle and high school entrance examinations, but also for postgraduate examinations, civil service exams and various qualification certificates. Mobile phone signal jammers are required to prevent candidates from contacting the outside world through wireless signals. In the test room using Dazhan Electronics' mobile phone signal blocker, various mobile phone signals (2345G), wireless intercom signals, Bluetooth WiFi signals, etc. will be blocked by interference.

How to test the effective shielding distance of mobile phone signal jammer?

How to test the effective shielding Shielding radius of mobile phone signal jammers? Many users say that the shielding device is ineffective, and the actual shielding radius is short, but many of them are caused by wrong methods.

The 7 Most Asked Questions About Signal Jammers

This article will answer seven classic questions about signal jammers, so that users can better understand signal jammers

If you want to buy a gps jammer, just read this article

you are not comfortable with activities being tracked,you can buy a gps jammer,which effectively blocks out the person’s location from being visible to an external tracker.

Want to know about gps signal jammer? here is the answer

GPS blocker is a device that interrupts any communication between a Global Position System’s satellites orbiting in space and a receiver placed on Earth.

What happens to the phone after using a signal jammer?

The signal jammer is a very magical thing, after use, it will change very strangely when installed indoors. It's just that no one can see this change. So many people are puzzled, how can a small thing have so much energy, and some people even take the risk.

Professional jammer mobile phone signal tube jammer

Since the frequency band used by mobile phones is dedicated, the transmission frequency of the mobile phone signal jammer in the conference room is completely within the mobile phone working frequency specified by the country.

Why is there no signal on the mobile phone during the college entrance examination?

The cell phone jammer scans from the low frequency band of the forward channel (the channel from the base station to the mobile phone) to the high frequency band at a certain speed during the working process, and forms interference when the mobile phone receives the message signal.

What are the factors that interfere with the effect of the prison signal jammer?

Construction experience Abundant employees can meet the construction needs of large-scale cell phone jammer projects, and solve and deal with various difficult problems on the spot in time.

The problem of interference radiation makes many people worry

These are some questions we collected a few days ago. First of all, can smartphones be immune to interference from cell phone jammer? Many customers report that they want to stop using their phones in certain environments and worry about this risk, because powerful and smart phones will not be able to stop.

Powerful waterproof mobile phone jammer application

Waterproof cell phone jammer is much more powerful than regular cell phone jammers and can provide 80 W of interference power to cell phones. It is designed for prisons, detention centers and prison facilities.

What are the advantages of mobile phone wireless signal jammer

We are dazzled and dizzy. In fact, not all products are suitable for us to apply to ourselves. Some products are public, so they are not. Suitable for us to apply to other fields, there is a very special jammer, which also appears in front of us, its name is mobile phone wireless signal jammer, so what are the advantages of this type of product?

Will the mobile phone signal jammer interfere with the base station signal?

Everyone is familiar with mobile phone signal jammers. They are also known as cell phone jammer. They have been seen by anyone who has taken large-scale exams. They are placed at the entrance of the exam classroom.

Which signals can be shielded by a mobile phone signal jammer

This scanning speed can cause garbled interference in the message signal received by the mobile phone, and the mobile phone cannot detect the normal data sent from the base station, so that the mobile phone cannot establish a connection with the base station.

How to choose a signal shielding instrument, these four methods can help you

The environment of different jammers is different. Use mobile phone signal jammers according to different signal strengths. For small areas, choose low-power jammers, and for large areas, choose multiple superimposed shielding devices, or choose more powerful cell phone jammer.

Why are cell phone signal jammers widely used by users?

How to make the mobile phone have an unobstructed network? A good cell phone jammer is essential. What are the special features of home mobile phone signal jammers? How should we choose? Look down and find out.

Is the cell phone signal blocker harmful?

The working principle of the mobile phone signal blocker (also known as the cell phone jammer and the mobile phone signal amplifier) ​​is: the scan signal generated by the sawtooth signal generator is inverted by the inverter, and then enters the voltage-controlled oscillator for code division multiple access, GSM It is modulated on the same frequency band as the three downlink frequencies of PHS.

"HD" in the cell phone signal bar is not a signal problem

Through some signs on the mobile phone, we can see the status of our mobile phone network, cell phone jammer, but do you know what it means when the HD logo appears in the mobile phone bar?

Cell phone signals do not need satellite transmission, so what is the transmission method?

Let's take 5G as an example for cell phone jammer. In most cases, mobile phone signal jammers do not need satellites to transmit signals from mobile phones. Most of the base stations of mobile communication use optical fiber to access the core network.

Does the mobile phone signal need to be transmitted via satellite?

High power of mobile phone signal jammer means unsafe, too high transmission power. If satellite phone transmission is in the vicinity of people for a long time, it is often harmful to people by electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, even if it is installed on ships, it is usually installed in some people.

Poor cell phone signal is because of these!

If you encounter a situation where the cell phone signal is full but you cannot make a call, it is likely that there are residents nearby who have installed cell phone jammer. Once the number of users installing amplifiers increases, they will interfere with each other, resulting in full signals but unable to make calls.

Technical advantages of signal jammers in conference rooms

Many companies will install signal jammer in conference rooms. The main reason is that they don’t want to make phone calls to disturb the progress of the meeting. What are the technical advantages of signal jammers in conference rooms? What are the installation methods of signal jammers? Below, Texin Electronics Let me introduce you.

Schools and prisons use mobile phone signal jammers to be safety-oriented

Among those who use cell phone jammer, some are to prevent cheating in exams, and some are to quiet the meeting place or keep the meeting information confidential. These are all for good wishes and purposes. But there are also for their own benefit.

How to correctly install the cell phone jammer for the best effect?

If your mobile phone always has no signal, can you still persist in it? I believe you will feel uncomfortable holding a mobile phone without signal. What everyone will think of at this time is to install a signal jammer. Yes, installing a signal jammer is the easiest and most cost-effective way to solve local signal problems.

Is the 5G mobile phone signal jammer installed by manufacturers effective?

The 5G standard cell phone jammer the voice of domestic manufacturers, and the new era will strive to break through the upstream component industry.

You have to know the advantages of mobile phone jammers

What exactly constitutes a cell phone jammer? The receiving antenna, the transmitting antenna, the host of the amplifier, the coupler power splitter, and the transmission cable cooperate with each other in order to achieve smaller attenuation, greater power, and better results.

Do you know the scope of application of mobile phone jammers?

The cell phone jammer adopts techniques such as frequency multiplication, frequency division, and frequency hopping filtering for the upstream and downstream channels of the mobile phone system to analyze the required shielding frequency.

Under what circumstances can a cell phone jammer be installed?

The cell phone jammer (micro repeater, also called cell phone signal blocker) is a product specifically designed to solve the above weak areas of cell phone signals. This type of product has the characteristics of small size and flexible installation, and can provide deep coverage of indoor signals.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs tried to block the telephone signal in his building

"No bids have been made", concluding the event for the direct purchase of a "signal blocker to be installed in the central building of the Ministry of Economic Affairs" that attempts to commission this service from a cell phone jammer to block the signals from cell phones .

Powerful 4G desktop signal jammer

Now, by using this high-power desktop cell phone jammer, there is no longer any need to worry about information insecurity. People can talk freely in the meeting room, relax at the gas station, or watch a movie in the cinema.

Device to mute the phone

As the number of people using mobile phones in public places has soared and they cannot listen to them during conversations, a small but growing group of insurgents is looking for a more drastic solution: cell phone jammer, a device that sends out signals. The transfer of the mobile phone is completely cancelled.

5G jammers, full body scanners on Punjab Prison Minister's menu to improve work

The minister, who has firsthand experience of phone phone threats in prisons, told a press conference on one of an inmate's congratulatory phone calls on Tuesday: "5G cell phone jammer will soon be appearing in central state prisons. A proposal has been sent to the Union Ministry of Interior. "

Cell phone signal jammer makes for a happy time

When we spend a weekend, do we want to enjoy our free time and devote a day to our favorite preferences: fishing, shopping, climbing or swimming? But at this point, someone might call you to interrupt. If you want to keep your happy hour going, you need cell phone jammer to combat annoying calls.

Technical advantages of conference room signal jammer

Many companies will install signal jammer in conference rooms. The main reason is that they don’t want to let the phone call in to disturb the progress of the meeting. So what are the technical advantages of signal jammers in conference rooms? What are the installation methods of signal jammers? Below, Texin Electronics Let me introduce you.

Saving Lives: How about Cell Phone Jammers

So keep in mind that the best of engineering achievements have gone into designing, building, and producing this device when using this powerful military jammer to block out interfering signals nearby.

Cell phone jammers in the Cairo conflict

GSM jammer is a tool with which all signals sent and received by the mobile phone can be disrupted. It becomes impossible to use the mobile phone successfully in the region where such a tool is turned on.

Cell phone jammer that might keep you from distracted driving

Hart Levine is a concerned dad and an advocate for stopping distracted driving. He said he had a solution to the distracted driving problem. A cell phone jammer called Drive ID. You buy the device, download an app and connect the app to your phone.

High Quality Indoor Signal Jammers

There are many online stores that sell signal jammer, such as cell phone signal jammers, GPS phone signal blockers, WiFi signal blockers, UHF signal jammers, and other types of signal shutters.

Watch the World Cup with a signal jammer

In this case, use a jammer that can cut off the signal of the mobile phone. At present, the mobile phone jammer may be the best choice. Learn more about the advantages of portable cell phone signal jammer.

Jammer used in the pilgrimage center of the monastery

Bangladesh: Sri Lanka, South India, the pilgrimage center of the Kuks Subra Sulaymaniyah Monastery. Some names have strengthened security measures, and the temple authorities have installed cell phone signal jammer.

Cell phone signal jammer maintains your happy time

Sometimes we don’t want to talk to anyone, but the annoying people will keep calling you. Therefore, your boss can call you several times during the weekend and ask you some questions, which will affect your mood throughout the day.

The use of cell phone signal jammers in schools and prisons should be safety-oriented

The above list is the purpose of people using mobile phone signal jammer, but no matter what the purpose is, they should not be exchanged at the expense of public mobile communications.

Cell Phone Jammer Debate Should Be Legalized Or Not?

Being the need to communicate is also a glorified way of supporting cell phone use. Cell phone jammer should be legalized in public libraries, schools, colleges etc.

Cell phone jammers bring us many benefits

Have you been noisy at the concert with the phone around you? Or when you watch a new Hollywood movie, someone picks up their phone and talks aloud? These can be banned by mobile phone jammers.

Cell phone signal jammer keeps your phone safe

Harassment calls will bring this experience to each of us. In severe cases, we may one day receive hundreds or even more harassing calls. We can stop this situation with a cell phone jammer.

Cell phone jammers help minors escape the virtual world

The virtual world is full of temptations and bad information. This information is not conducive to the growth of children. It can be achieved by using a cell phone jammer to make the mobile phone no signal.

Cell phone jammers avoid phone excessive health problems

The health problems caused by mobile phones must be taken seriously, and the improper use of mobile phones has caused health problems for many people, and mobile phone jammers can avoid excessive use of mobile phones.

Cell phone jammer device prevents mobile phone noise

The popularity of smart phones has brought a lot of convenience to people's lifestyles, and troubles have followed. The use of mobile phone jammers can solve the problem of mobile phone noise.

Schools use cell phone jammer maintain class discipline

Children use mobile phones to play games, are addicted to the Internet, and neglect learning, so some teachers recommend installing mobile phone jammers in the classroom.

Cell phone jammers ensure IOS operating system security

The fact that modern mobile phone users are turning to smartphones is a matter of great importance to the security of these mobile devices, which is why we use mobile phone jammers.

Cell phone jammer blocks nearby certain area WiFi connection

Wi-Fi networks are inherently dangerous. No matter what you are trying to connect, the connection itself is very dangerous, but these can be achieved by buy a cell phone jammer.

Buy cell phone jammer need to attention the jamming radius

There are many types of cell phone jammers on the market, so if you want to block cell phone signals in a very narrow range, portable is a good choice.

Phone jammers help you prevent phone threats

We must admit that the benefits of using a new mobile phone are difficult to overstate, but there are also some devices that block mobile phone signals, and mobile phone jammers are one of them.

Mobile phone blocker avoid cell phone use while driving

Smart phones can be a real killer. More than 20% of fatal traffic accidents are caused by using cell phones while driving. This is the meaning of using mobile phone jammers in cars.

Mobile phone jammers in cars for added security

What is the impact of using a mobile phone signal jammer in a car? This is a controversial topic, but he can prevent drivers from using a mobile phone while driving and prevent traffic accidents.

Use cell phone jammer to prevent some surveillance agencies

Today, surveillance agencies have a lot in common with Google. A bit cynical, but Google eventually became one of the companies that cares little about user safety. Google is the head of the security department.

cell phone jammer blocks wireless frequency

When buying a mobile scrambler, in addition to the gsm network you want to choose, you also need to shield the signal type.

Cell Phone jammer block phone use in public places

Mobile phones are banned at gas stations, including in many public places.

Mobile phone jammer long time use will not damage the machine

Have you heard of a cell phone jammer? You may not be familiar with this product, but you definitely use mobile phones often.

Use cell phone jammer shield surrounding mobile phone signals

Smart phones represent the information age and communication technology is developing at a high speed.

Company cell phone jammer installation improves staff efficiency

In order to ensure shielding effect and long-term stable operation, it is necessary to avoid strong electromagnetic wave environment.

Classrooms use cell phone jammers to supervise candidates

Excessive use of mobile phones can affect children's healthy growth. Cell signal jammer can block cell phone signals around you immediately after you turn on the power.

Cell phone jammers help people stay away from phone noise

We are tired of being disturbed, especially where it matters, we hate ringtones.

Buy mobile phone jammer prevent cheating during exams

Some candidates used mobile phones and other high-tech tools to cheat during the test, some terrorists and hostiles would use mobile phones to remotely control bombs.

Cell phone signal jammer works well in the factory

The cell phone jammer is one of the equipment required for the test site. The phone signal is blocked and the phone does not work properly, which can help the test room staff to monitor the candidates for cheating.

Mobile phone jammer guarantees shielding effect

Peeping is common in public places such as hotels and restaurants, and a safe and reliable environment is standard.

3g 4g phone jammer helps maintain social stability

Using mobile phones at gas stations, gas stations, oil depots, etc. can cause fires and explosions with serious consequences. 3g 4g jammer is a new way to maintain social stability.

Mobile phone jammer is a must for the laboratory

Smartphones are very popular in life, with millions of mobile phone users for different purposes. However, mobile phones are not available in some places, and we need to use mobile phones as needed.

Necessary to install a cell signal jammer in the church

In churches in western countries, they are in a sacred place. They should forbid any uncivilized actions, and cell phone ringtones will annoy others, which is very uncivilized.

State government statutory exam uses cell phone jammer

Law enforcement and military personnel use cell phone jammers to restrict and interrupt communications in various situations.

UK prepares to use cellphone jammers in major public events

The courts are a place to protect individual rights and to ensure that the trial process is free from problems and without any external influence.

Prisons avoid contacting outsiders with cell phone jammers

Prisons are where criminals are located. There may be terrorists or criminal acts. Security is very important.

Reasons why cell phone jammers are used

A cell phone jammer is a tool used to prevent a cell phone from receiving signals from a base station.

Cell phone jammer cuts off phone signal to prevent exam cheating

Following the car driving test cheating incident in the Tokyo metropolis, the local police station has begun investigating the use of “mobile phone jamming devices” at three driving test locations in Tokyo.

Cell phone jammer emits radio waves to prevent cell phone calls

We have been developing systems for countermeasures against cheating in exams, and many customers have previously strongly requested this. Recently there was a news arrest of criminal suspects and accomplices who committed high-tech cheating in driving license examinations.

Reduce impact of mobile radiation through cell phone jammers

According to related literature, electromagnetic radiation is a phenomenon in which energy is emitted into space in the form of electromagnetic waves.

Cell phone jammers use has always been a concern

Many people put their personal information at risk. They communicate and share information through social networks, smartphones and the Internet.

New portable cell phone jammers for public places

Hello, this is our new product, mobile phone interference signal shield GSM 3G 4G GPS WIFI. cell phone jammer can handle a lot of the trouble for us, and GPS can help us.

Cell phone jammer protect home and company privacy

Mobile phones have become a part of our lives. It has greatly helped our lives. Perhaps most of us do not know what a cell phone jammer is, and cell phone jammers have a lot of uses.

Factory uses cell phone jammer to improve work efficiency

With the rapid popularization of mobile phones, mobile phone signal jammers have also come along. It can help people get rid of the call noise generated by mobile phones, and can also block the mobile phone communication of employees in certain areas.

Cell phone jammer stop children sinking mobile games

Parents want to keep in touch with their children, so now many rapeseed students have mobile phones. However, the school believes that mobile phones have a negative impact on the student's learning process.

Office needs powerful cell phone jammer

We cannot deny that mobile phones have become a part of our lives, especially smartphones, which have helped us a lot, but under certain circumstances, the use of mobile phones may have a "negative impact".

Cell phone jammer address phone noise and privacy security

In recent years, various types of jammers have appeared on many websites. They differ in size, shape, weight, power, jamming distance and frequency range. If you want to use a jammer on a specific occasion, indoor interference equipment will be perfect for you.

Cell phone jammer makes life quiet

The principle of a mobile jammer is to generate a strong enough signal to "smash" the signal picked up by the phone within a nearby radius (a few meters), making it inoperable.

Cell phone jammers are not radioactive

The mobile phone jammer is very convenient to use, and because of its small size and light weight, it can be easily hidden in your pocket. Portable cell phone jammers have a built-in battery, which can be used for 2-5 hours on a full charge, and the device charges particularly fast.

Cell phone jammers can cut multiple frequency bands

Cell phone jammers designed for indoor use are very effective at blocking cell phone signals. When someone's phone bothers you, just activate the phone scrambler and his phone will stop working in seconds.

Cell phone jammer intercepts various signals

The interference range of mobile jammers is 2 to 50 meters. When the device is working, all phones in this range will stop working and its owner will not be able to make / receive calls and send / receive messages.

Cell Phone jammer makes phone disable

Cell phone jammers are an essential tool for preventing communication equipment. For mobile jammers, disabling the use of the phone is very simple.

Cell phone signal jammer to avoid damage to smartphone

From the first expensive and cumbersome "big brother" phone to the proliferation of today's smartphones, high-tech technology has been changing our lives and playing a pivotal role in our daily lives.

Cell phone signal jammer destroys exam cheating

The cell phone signal jammer can isolate the mobile phone communication or wireless LAN signal from the electronic device, so that the mobile phone is in a state of no signal and can be widely used without destroying other nearby electronic device signals.

Cell phone jammer solves phone forbidden problems

If you find that there may be tracking devices around you and your location is being monitored by others, do you know how to protect yourself?

Cell phone jammers are very useful to us

Cell phone jammers are used in a wide range of applications. In many places, some sorting organizations, such as the occipital department, the university church, and the public judicial examination site.

What type of cell phone jammer is used in the prison?

We know that cell phone jammers will be used in prisons to block mobile phone signals to prevent criminals from using their mobile phones to communicate with the outside world.

Using cell phone jammers in prisons is legal

With the development of technology, previously expensive, cumbersome and limited to offset cell phone jammers in the GSM 900 MHz band, it is getting smaller and cheaper.

Cell phone jammers can also destroy GPS tracking

August 28, 2004, USA - McGregor said: In the Iraq war, Iraqis interfered with GPS navigation data, which leads to US cruise missiles, bombers, etc. could not locate any bombing targets.

Whether the cell phone jammer is allowed to use

In EU countries, jammers are banned in many areas because jammers can cause a lot of interference to local communication systems, and even a large percentage of users are used for illegal purposes.

Why do so many people like mobile phone jammers?

In United States, smartphones are an essential life "companion". It plays a very important role in people's lives. Without it, it is impossible to imagine how bad life will be.

Prohibit the use of mobile phones in prisons

We know that prisons are places where criminals are guarded, and the safety of prisons is particularly important.

Use cell phone jammer to cut off cell phone signals

With the popularity of smart phones, nowadays, almost one mobile phone, the use of mobile phones brings us great convenience.

Which are the common places to use cell phone jammers?

Not just young people, nowadays people of almost all ages are increasingly unable to leave their mobile phones, and even carry a mobile phone with them in the toilet. However, mobile phones are not suitable for all occasions.

Jammers help avoids mobile phone security threats

The technology is growing and has its own advantages and disadvantages. People are surrounded by a lot of technology. Android smartphones and iPhones are the next generation of technology innovation.

It is imperative to use mobile phone jammer!

With the emergence and popularity of mobile phones, their functions have become more and more perfect, and our lives have become more intelligent and modern.

Using mobile phone blocker protect our personal privacy!

With the development of science and technology, the progress of society, data modernization has become more and more common, the most obvious is the application of mobile phones, and now mobile phones have become an indispensable part of human life.

Useful mobile phone signal jamming device

When we are in the coffee shop, quietly sipping coffee; or in the library, quietly reading a book; or at a movie theater, enjoying the wonderful moments of the movies alone.

Mobile phone jammers are widely used in our daily life

Along with the science and technology, people's living standards have generally improved, and many high-tech smart products have become more functional, but the price is lower.

Why can the signal jammer block your cell phone signal?

During the college entrance examination every year, the school will have network problems such as mobile phones network dropped and slow Internet access.

Multifunctional wifi mobile phone signal jammer

With the development of jammers, it is not difficult to achieve the blocking of multi-function signals. If you want your phone to be protected from WiFi signals and other signals at the same time.

Does the conference room need to ban mobile phones?

At the meeting, do you think that the mobile phone is a must? For some people, the mobile phone has become a part of his life, and the mobile phone can't be separated from them every moment.

Prohibit mobile phone use by portable jammers

The development of mobile phones is the greatest invention of mankind. It makes it possible for can two people who are thousands of miles away from each other could communicate face to face.

Can you ensure all your wireless devices are secure?

The Internet is everywhere. We use mobile phones to chat, browse videos, and even shop online, all of these are inseparable from the Internet. Nowadays, the network has become very important in our daily life.

Shielding the phone signal on the car by mobile phone jammer

What if you don't want someone to call your phone in your car but don't know what to do? Humphries is frustrated that people are using mobile phones in cars, but he does things that people with few ideas will do.

The most practical way to avoid cell phone tracking: cell phone jammer

We often see such fragments from the movie: In order to avoid being tracked by evil organizations or reactionary gangs, the protagonist will break the tracker into pieces or throw it into the river.

School test center use cell phone jammers prevent cheating

Almost all schools face this problem: every time there are exams, there are often a variety of cheating tools in the exam room, which makes it hard to prevent.

Prevent exam cheating: cell phone jammer

We all know that cheating in school exams is very common. With the development of science and technology, various exam cheating tools have appeared one after another.

Operation is very simple of signal jammers

There are many applications for signal jammers in the market. Conference rooms may use cell phone jammers to prevent unnecessary ringing during conferences.

Using a cell phone jammer in class

School classrooms are the places to learn. Now, with the popularity of smartphones, you will find that in college classrooms, students can be seen everywhere playing mobile phones.

Specific uses of cell phone jammers!

Cell phone jammers, also known as jammers or cell phone interceptors, are devices that interfere with other wireless connections transmitted by radio waves.