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"HD" in the cell phone signal bar is not a signal problem

Admin Posted on 2020-11-19

In daily life, for many people, smart phones have become an indispensable thing for people. Whether it's contacting others, working, studying, or entertaining, it's inseparable from mobile phones.

Although our internet speed has been greatly improved, from 2G to 4G and the upcoming 5G. But when the signal is not good, the 4G signal will be changed to 3G or even 2G in the cell phone signal bar. Through some signs on the mobile phone, we can see the status of our mobile phone network, cell phone jammer, but do you know what it means when the HD logo appears in the mobile phone bar?

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Don't be nervous, there is no major problem with your mobile phone, on the contrary, there is something missing in your pocket. In fact, "HD" is the abbreviation of High Definition, which means high definition. The mobile phone signal jammer means that your mobile phone has activated the VOLTE function.

Simply put, after opening this service, the mobile phone signal jammer can support the CS network of the telephone service and the PS network of the Internet, we can make calls more clearly and have higher sound quality. According to relevant statistics, after opening this service, the call sound quality can be improved by about 40% compared with 2G and 3G voice calls.

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