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High Quality Indoor Signal Jammers

Admin Posted on 2020-08-19

There are many online stores that sell signal jammer, such as cell phone signal jammers, GPS phone signal blockers, WiFi signal blockers, UHF signal jammers, and other types of signal shutters. But now we find a powerful signal detection device which has the ability to cut off the 4G signal signal, and suitable for indoor use, and has a strong interference distance.

And because the 4G phone signal blocker has so many types, you can cut the signal of the 4G phone, of course, we can not see all the details of using high power cheap cell phone jammer in the room , here is the best way to take an example, then to see Look at the details of the part, the use of 3G 4G Wimax signal blocker, its full name is "30W high power 3G 4G Wimax signal jammer and omnidirectional antenna" , then look at the details.

smartphone signal blocker

Soon you will be able to know that this high power signal blocker is designed with eight antennas and this high power interference technology designed to cut CDMA GSM DCS / PCS 3G 4G Wimax signal so that these mobile phone signal bands can be blocked and lost And the ability to receive messages, in this way, indoor use of Wimax 3G 4G signal blocking device can play the role of security tools. In addition to the high power output power of 30W, the jamming radius of the jammer up to 100 meters, depending on the signal strength of a given area, using the omnidirectional antenna design, the function is very powerful to meet today's demands.

Of course, this Wimax 4G cell phone signal jammer was designed, with good cooling system, you can easily go through the 24/7 AC power supply, so that The need to use this indoor 3G 4G Wimax Signal Blocker, you can easily achieve the goal. In addition, this room can also use adjustable buttons, the use of high-power 4G jammers, so that these high-power 3G 4G Wimax mobile jammers allow the owner to determine the interference distance and interference radius according to specific circumstances.

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