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What are the defensive effects of drone signal jammers?

Admin Posted on 2022-11-17

In recent years, various types of drones have emerged in an endless stream. On the one hand, the price of drones is becoming more and more "friendly to the people", and the "threshold" for obtaining a drone is getting lower and lower. On the other hand, the drone itself has a simple structure, and it can produce lethal effects after being equipped with appropriate weapons (such as high explosives, biochemical agents, dirty bombs, etc.). Therefore, drones are considered to be multifunctional, stealthy, and cheap weapons that terrorists, criminals, and other dangerous people can possess, posing a great threat to security defense around the world.

Because of this, the drone jammer came into being and became the development of the military and commercial companies of various countries. Considering the continuous development of drone technology, most anti-drone technologies have adopted strict confidentiality measures to prevent technology leakage.

The technology of UAV jammer has been developed so far, and it has reached a basically mature level, and most people have learned about its technical means from various information channels. However, anti-drone technology is also constantly competing and innovating. Therefore, fundamentally speaking, anti-drone technology can be classified into two categories at present: one is the detection and tracking system, and the other is the interception system.

It is worth mentioning that since it is difficult for a single detection and tracking system to find drones in complex environments, sensor fusion has become the development trend of this technology. The so-called sensor fusion, to put it simply, is to fuse the appearance of the UAV captured by the UAV characteristic camera detected by the radar, and comprehensively confirm the target information.

drone signal jammer

After finding the target, enter the interception system. Interdiction methods include radio signal jamming, laser strikes, casting nets to entangle targets, electromagnetic pulses, and combinations of these means.

These methods also need to be used flexibly in combination with different situations. By implementing interference, the communication equipment and navigation equipment of the UAV are affected or disabled. Considering that most of the low-altitude and slow-speed small drones that appear in various countries currently obtain battlefield information through ground control stations and radio real-time remote control, and implement electronic jamming on them, they can quickly achieve combat effects.

Such a method can indeed play an effective role in defending against drones. However, we cannot guarantee that it will be foolproof for such unknown events. Therefore, the anti-drone jammer technology has been further upgraded.

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