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How to correctly install the cell phone jammer for the best effect?

Admin Posted on 2020-11-19

With the rapid development of mobile communication networks, network coverage is constantly expanding. Wireless communication relies on the propagation of electromagnetic waves to establish communication links. However, due to the continuous development of various buildings and traffic roads, which are blocked by buildings, in some places such as tall buildings, basements, shopping malls, restaurants, homes, and entertainment venues, there are still some weak links in wireless communication that cannot satisfy customers. It often happens that indoor mobile phone signal is not good enough to use the mobile phone normally.

If your mobile phone always has no signal, can you still persist in it? I believe you will feel uncomfortable holding a mobile phone without signal. What everyone will think of at this time is to install a signal jammer. Yes, installing a signal jammer is the easiest and most cost-effective way to solve local signal problems.

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1. Check whether the accessories are complete. The signal jammer generally consists of five parts: the host, indoor antenna, outdoor antenna, outdoor antenna feeder, and power adapter.

2. Insert the indoor glue stick antenna into the host.

3. Place the outdoor antenna in a place where the signal is relatively good. If it is from the air-conditioning drain, it can be placed above the air-conditioning outdoor chassis. And to ensure that the placement is stable, and there is no falling or being blocked by surrounding shields.

4. Connect the other end of the outdoor antenna feeder to the outdoor port of the signal amplifier host. The outdoor socket and indoor socket of the old-fashioned aluminum cell phone signal amplifier are located on both sides of the machine. The new green and environmentally friendly mobile phone signal amplifiers such as Fengxintong and other brands, the sockets are located on the back of the machine. Tighten the interface nut.

5. Connect the indoor antenna to the indoor interface of the host, and tighten the interface nut.

6. Connect the small end of the power cord to the power socket on the back of the cell phone signal amplifier host.

7. The other end of the plug is connected to the general household 220v power socket. The power light on the back of the machine lights up, and all the equipment is installed. Isn't it easy? Next, give it a try and enjoy a smooth call!

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