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The difference between a fixed jammer and a portable jammer

Admin Posted on 2020-08-01

Here, we are talking about the difference between a fixed jammer and a portable jammer.

I believe, dear ladies and gentlemen, you have seen different sizes of jammers. Some are portable and easy to carry, others are desktop and larger, not as easy to carry as portable jammers, which is obvious.

phone gsm blockersdesktop signal blocker

Moreover, desktop jammers do not have a car charger, and can only work after plugging them into a power adapter, while portable jammers all have a car charger with built-in batteries, except for a small GPS, they can all work like mobile phones. When connected to an electric lighter.

In addition, the storage radius is different. The recorder is more powerful than the portable jammer. For example, EO05001DE jammer and EO05204DE jammer both have 5 antennas, but the maximum storage radius of EO05001DE is 40 meters, while the maximum storage radius of EO05204DE is only 20 m. Of course, EO05001DE is also more expensive.

Another difference you should know is that fixed jammers have higher heat dissipation than portable jammers because of their larger size and some built-in fans.

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