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What are the factors that interfere with the effect of the prison signal jammer?

Admin Posted on 2020-12-22

1. Due to the different power and channel numbers of the signal towers of Mobile, Unicom, and Netcom, and the different distances between the signal towers and the prison, the size of other nearby buildings, topography, and landforms are different, resulting in different signals in the prison area.

2. Because the scale, building structure, local cell phone tower direction, power, terrain and other factors are different for each prison, the cell phone signal strength, number of channels, and frequency bands are different in each area of ​​the prison. In addition, radio waves are invisible and intangible, and are affected by various factors during their transmission.

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3. Due to the different characteristics of the actual use environment, the direction, power size, distance and distance of each signal tower, there may be dozens of channels in the same environment for the user's mobile phone to automatically select different characteristics, at the same time, there are differences in field strength between indoor and outdoor spaces and ground And metal objects cause very complex adverse effects on the signal shielded by the mobile phone. So we all have this experience such as:
(A) In different regions, some mobile signals are strong, and some Unicom signals are strong;
(B) Even in the same place, the signal is different, there are strong and weak points, so the mobile phone signal shielding system is a highly professional system project.

Measures taken for the above reasons:

1. Carry out detailed field surveys, topography, landforms, etc. of the prison environment, very carefully, the survey needs to shield the area environment, understand the actual requirements of customers, and design personalized solutions. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out project investigation and project solution, and solve the problems for customers in a scientific and systematic way.

2. Thorough analysis, thorough analysis of local signal distribution and building structure. Using non-general general equipment for positioning, measured by a series of instruments. Choose different composite antennas and organically combine antenna application principles in different frequency bands.

3. After on-site survey of the building structure, terrain and local signal tower direction, power, channel, etc.; and have a large number of communication microwave technology, sophisticated business, high quality, strong sense of responsibility, very serious requirements for details, and construction experience Abundant employees can meet the construction needs of large-scale cell phone jammer projects, and solve and deal with various difficult problems on the spot in time. Complete and abundant professional technical information, professional test and analysis instruments, solve practical problems for prison customers, and provide customers with the best solutions.

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