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Poor cell phone signal is because of these!

Admin Posted on 2020-11-19

The phone signal is poor and the call is intermittent, outgoing calls cannot be connected, and always need to redial... I believe you have encountered similar situations in your life. What is going on?

1. There are obstructions and high building density

Call quality is first and most closely related to the call environment. In complex structures such as buildings, aisles, basements, etc., these locations are usually severely blocked by communication signals.

Why is there a big difference in the strength of mobile phone signals in different rooms on the same floor? This is also related to signal occlusion. The strength of signal reception is mainly related to the distance from the base station. The closer the distance, the stronger the signal. If the signal encounters a wall, it will be weakened. If the room is just opposite to the base station, and there are many walls or obstructions on the side towards the base station, this situation will happen even on the same floor.

At the same time, the density of nearby buildings and floors will also affect the signal transmission. The tighter the building layout, the worse the signal reception may be.

2. TV signal leakage

Some experts say that sometimes, if the cell phone call quality in the area where the user's community is located is poor, it may be related to cable TV signal leakage. If the user often finds that the mobile phone signal is not good, the call quality is not good, and the TV screen is often jittery, it may be caused by the leakage of the cable TV signal, and the situation should be reported to the relevant operator in time.

3. privately installed wireless signal jammer

If you encounter a situation where the cell phone signal is full but you cannot make a call, it is likely that there are residents nearby who have installed cell phone jammer. Once the number of users installing amplifiers increases, they will interfere with each other, resulting in full signals but unable to make calls.

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4. Large crowds and base station switching

Saturation of the call volume of the operator's network can also cause poor cell phone signals. Since each base station has capacity limitations, places with dense crowds sometimes have poor network speed perception.

Some users in high-rise buildings experience poor signal from their mobile phones. This may be because the location can receive signals from several nearby base stations at the same time. The mobile phone will frequently switch signals between several base stations, resulting in intermittent phenomenon.

5. weather factors

Perhaps everyone did not expect that the strength of the mobile phone signal is actually related to the weather. Because when it rains, foggy, and snowy, the density of water in the air will increase. Relatively, the penetration of mobile phone signals will become weaker, the transmission speed will naturally slow down, and mobile phone signals will naturally become worse.

This is why the mobile phone signal is weaker in summer. Summer rain and humidity, coupled with high temperature evaporation, make the air more moisture, which affects the transmission of mobile phone signals. When the weather is bad, the Internet speed of mobile phones slows down for the same reason.

6. the other party sets the do not disturb mode

The last thing to be reminded is that a setting in the phone may give the other party calling you the "illusion" of poor call signal.

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