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Questions and answers about GPS blockers

Admin Posted on 2020-08-28

How does GPS jammer work?

GPS jammers produce white noise radio signals, which are transmitted at the same frequency as GPS satellites. This may prevent signals sent to GPS tracking devices and navigation systems.

Is the GPS blocker effective?

Yes, GPS jammer or blocker can work, but the range is limited, and can be easily detected by modern trackers with anti-jamming technology (such as back2you.com).

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How can I tell if my employees are using jammers in company vehicles?

If you have a tracker with anti-interference technology, you will receive a notification through our tracking platform. If you have installed other types of trackers, you can judge whether the GPS jammer is active by checking the vehicle navigation system on the vehicle or opening the Google map on your phone. Your phone and navigation system display an error and there is no GPS signal.

How about GPS tracker detector?

You may have read that putting a GPS tracker on your vehicle is a waste of time because a thief can spend a few pounds to buy a tracker detector, find the location of the tracker in a few seconds, and then disable the tracker.

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