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Now, WiFi and Bluetooth have been widely used in life, and both wireless networks and the Internet need to use them. Although they are very useful, government agencies or other agencies may use them to steal your privacy. For example, tracking your location and stealing your personal privacy through the camera on your phone.

As smart devices and digital devices are used more and more frequently, your webcams and smart home appliances may become tools for government agencies and other agencies to intercept or steal your information. So you need to use a desktop wireless internet blocker to protect your privacy.

Using a WiFi jammer, you can completely cut off the transmission of wireless signals. It can effectively prevent hackers from invading your computer or smart device through a wireless network. You don't have to worry about your network security and privacy.

Wireless Signal jammer informations List

How does the wifi signal jammer implement jamming?

Since the advent of the wifi jammer, it has become indispensable invigilation equipment for all examination rooms. Thanks to these wifi signal jammer manufacturers, they have developed this kind of equipment. The college entrance examination is not a simple test for students, but every student Students are thinking about the final sprint in the examination room for their own ideals.

Do you know the characteristics of the wifi signal jammer?

We all know that a good wifi jammer device must include many layers. This product not only has higher characteristics and stronger quality assurance but also has higher cost performance.

Can the wifi signal jammer be shielded by a semicolon segment?

Because the workplace is in the wilderness, the mobile phone has no signal. The unit installed a base station, but only the specific China Unicom number segment purchased from them can have a signal!

Installation steps and rules of wifi jammer device

The shielding distance of the wifi jammer device has a great relationship with the power of the device and the use environment. There are several aspects that help the shielding effect: one is the output power of the device.

How far is the best blocking range for a wifi signal jammer?

The shielding distance of the wifi jammer device has a great relationship with the power of the device and the use environment. There are several aspects that help the shielding effect: one is the output power of the device.

How to use a WIFI wireless network to surf the Internet smoothly?

Many schools now install wifi jammer to prevent students from bad behavior in major exams or libraries, dormitory bedtime, some parents to prevent children from becoming addicted to the Internet.

What are the characteristics and principles of engineering-grade wifi jammers?

The working principle of the wifi jammer is that within a certain frequency range, the mobile phone and the router are connected by radio waves to complete the transmission of data and sound with a certain baud rate and modulation method.

What should I do best when equipped with a conference room wifi jammer?

The strong mobile phone signal at the site is generally because the surrounding base stations are close to each other, and there is an indoor mobile phone signal distribution system installed in or around the building.

The advantages of the combination of high-quality jamming + pseudo-base station technology

The shielding is mainly based on outdoor high-power shielding, supplemented by indoor low-power shielding, and a detection and distribution system is added indoors.

Why are some wifi jammers cheap?

Every year, various types of examinations are carried out in an orderly manner. As an important safeguard to maintain the fairness of the examination, the examination room-type wifi jammer will be applied in these various examination processes

Does the long-term use temperature of the wifi jammer affect the jammer?

The wifi jammer scans from the low-end frequency of the forward channel to the high-end frequency at a certain speed during the working process. The scanning speed can cause garbled interference in the message signal received by the mobile phone

How to analyze the source of the missing signal of the wifi jammer?

During the installation and debugging of the wifi jammer, are all mobile phone signals on-site completely blocked? What is the effective range of the shielded signal coverage? These problems are all problems that engineers need to focus on and analyze during construction.

What's special about the new 5G wireless wifi jammer?

5G means the fifth generation of communication technology. The advantages of 5G mean that 5G can bring users higher bandwidth rates, lower and more reliable latency

How to tell the quality of the wifi jammer?

When you buy a wifi jammer, you often cannot confirm the quality of the jammer by just looking at the appearance, and you are worried that you will buy a jammer of poor quality

What should you pay attention to when buying a wifi signal jammer?

It's exam season now. When schools conduct large-scale exams, they must use the test room wifi jammer to prevent students from cheating by using mobile phones

The relationship between wifi jammer power and price

During the exam, it is very important to ensure that the jamming device is normal and useful and can play a shielding effect. When many people buy wifi jammer for exams

How to judge the price of wifi signal jammer?

Many customers call to inquire about the price of wifi jammer, just like you go to 4S, how much is your car? It will be confusing

How many wifi signal jammers should I install?

Many customers came to ask, what is the shielding range of the wifi jammer , 500 square meters, can it be achieved with two 20W wifi jammers?

The use of different types of wifi jammer

There are many occasions in daily life, such as schools, examination rooms, conference rooms, prisons, etc., it is very inappropriate to use mobile phones

How to enhance the blocking effect of the wifi signal jammer?

Do customers often ask what kind of environment can maximize the effect of the wifi jammer? Why can't the wifi signal jamming device in some places have a good effect or the shielding effect is relatively poor?

Is there a difference in the distance between wifi jammer when used indoors and outdoors?

In the era of the Internet, the speed of information dissemination will be very fast, and sometimes it is necessary to block or prevent the dissemination of information so as not to cause greater losses and panic, so sometimes a wifi jammer is needed

What should I pay attention to when using a wifi jammer in the exam room?

The escort of the examination room cannot be without the artifact wifi jammer. It sounds very powerful, but this artifact is not omnipotent as imagined. So, what are the misunderstandings of the test room wifi signal jammer?

Six parameters that affect the effect of wifi signal jammer

The higher the output power of the wifi jammer, the better the actual effect, I don't think that is the case. The output power of the wifi signal jammer is in the category of safety output power.

Does the wifi jammer make the mobile phone signal weak or no signal?

After the wifi jammer is turned on, it can block all 2G 3G 4G signals, 2.4G WIFI signals, and Bluetooth signals under the three operators of China Mobile, China Unicom, and Telecom.

Can I receive text messages after using a wifi signal jammer?

Many users find that the device is not broken after purchasing a wifi jammer, but the use effect is not good. According to the survey, 90% of people use the device incorrectly, which is also the main reason for the poor performance of the device.

How high should the wifi jammer be installed?

Many users find that the device is not broken after purchasing a wifi jammer, but the use effect is not good. According to the survey, 90% of people use the device incorrectly, which is also the main reason for the poor performance of the device.

Can 4G signals be blocked by wifi jammer?

Today, the editor will talk to you about the topic of whether wifi jammer can effectively block 4G network signals so that you can have a more comprehensive understanding of wifi signal jammer. The following is a summary of some knowledge about wifi jammer device.

Wifi jammer effectively resists hackers

Smartphone as high-tech electronic product very popular in today's society, it is the main consciousness of society, and for most young people, using them unreasonably has caused many problems, so what situation can use wifi jammer, what situation should it be banned Use a wifi signal jammer?

Where are wifi jammers usually used?

With the rapid development of the Internet, wireless network has become an indispensable part of our life, but sometimes we do need not to use it. Some tools are needed to resist it.

How much do you know about wifi jammer?

Shielding the mobile phone signal is an act of temporarily disappearing or weakening the mobile phone signal by using a certain device or a certain method.

Will the signal from the wifi jammer hit the wall be affected?

In today's life, all kinds of wifi jammers are constantly being designed, and we are all dazzled by what we see. We often come into contact with wireless wifi signal jammers in our lives, such as when we need a test or a meeting.

Installation, use, and networking control of wifi jammers in the examination room

Exams are a way of testing the level of knowledge. Passing the test can not only check the students' learning ability but also understand the students' other skills. In order to ensure the fairness of the test results, the test room must have strict disciplinary measures and especially install a wifi jammer.

The best way to use a wifi jammer

With the popularity of mobile phones, the demand for wifi jammer in various conferences and exams has also increased significantly.

What are the functions of the wifi jammer system?

Want to cut off WiFi and Bluetooth without anyone knowing you cut the signal, any good ideas to help achieve your goal? Now the answer is of course only through wifi jammer can help you.

How to ensure the blocking effect of wifi jammer?

Wifi jammers are usually used in exam rooms, supervision places, secret conference rooms, etc. When using the isolator in these places, it is necessary to ensure that the shielding effect of the wireless wifi signal jammer achieves the expected effect.

The benefits of using a wifi jammer in the exam room

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, while smartphones bring convenience to people's lives, the use of mobile phones to engage in illegal activities also emerges one after another.

Reasons to use a wifi jammer

A wifi jammer works by sending out the same radio frequencies as your cell phone. It was created to help people solve various problems caused by cell phones, radio signals and wireless connections.

How does the wifi jammer in the exam room block the signal?

Cheating has always existed since ancient times, especially in our era with technological progress, cheating methods are emerging in an endless stream and becoming more and more sophisticated. Of course, we see more and more anti-cheating tools. We commonly have metal detectors, examiners Check, signal blocking and even fingerprint unlocking.

What is the purpose of the multifunctional wifi jammer?

Wifi jammers do more than just provide communication protection, these jammers are able to point out small problems in the network signal, jammers keep the frequency from any influence.

The effect of wifi jammer passing through the wall

The college entrance examination is approaching every year. Facing this most important examination, many schools will actively prepare the things needed by the examination room to ensure the normal order of the examination room and meet the basic needs of the examination room.

Do you know what the shielding effect of the wireless signal jammer is related to?

The function of the wireless signal blocker is to block the signal, and it is used in many occasions. The most common use case we come across is the exam room.

How to block network at home?

The mobile phone was originally a communication and social tool, but now it has seriously threatened the physical and mental health of minors.

Does the wifi frequency jammer have a unique "secret"?

The wireless frequency jammer has its unique function. Next, let us find out its secret.

How to solve the problem of the conflict between WiFi signal jammer and Bluetooth?

You may have also encountered the problem of Bluetooth and wifi signal jammer. Both of them mainly use the 2.4GHz frequency band.

The U.S. government attaches great importance to the development of jammers

They are too slow to adapt well and can only protect a few yards. And from time to time, two signal jammer interfere with each other and cancel each other out.

Materials and application fields of wireless signal jammers

Metal materials that can conduct electricity and magnetism can reflect mobile phone signals and radio signals, and completely wrap the target to play a shielding role.

Why use a wireless jammer?

Mobile phones have indeed brought great convenience to people's lives, but with the use of mobile phones everywhere, they have gradually brought a lot of inconvenience.

Risks in free wifi networks

Are you still recklessly connecting to public free wifi? Is public wifi safe for us? With this article, you can learn about the risks of public free wifi.

Do you know where the effect of the wireless signal shielding device is affected?

Recently, we can see that a kind of machine has been installed in the examination room. This is the wireless wifi signal jammer that has been vigorously promoted by many schools recently.

5G is coming, how to choose the new 5G wireless signal jammer?

When it comes to wireless signal jammers, major schools are not unfamiliar with them. Every year, there will be wireless signal jammers in various examination rooms.

Wifi jammer blocks all the signal

In the information age, electronic devices such as mobile phones have become an indispensable part of people's daily life.

How to give full play to the role of the wifi signal jammer?

In some important exams, such as high school entrance exams, postgraduate exams, personnel exams, etc.

Detailed explanation of the use of multi-function wireless signal jammer

The multi-function wireless signal jammer is a new high-tech information security and confidentiality product developed by comprehensively comparing electromagnetic emission suppression methods.

The current common cognitive misunderstanding of wireless wifi signal jammer

Many companies take advantage of the fact that ordinary users cannot detect the actual power, and deliberately exaggerate the power of the shielding device for publicity, causing the nominal power index of the equipment to lose its reference value.

Wireless signal jammers make your messages better protected

While mobile phones have a lot of advantages, they have their pros and cons, and they can also cause some bad problems. Therefore, here we recommend a powerful device - a wireless signal jammer.

How to use wireless jammers correctly and compliantly ?

When using wireless jammers and other communication blocking devices, be sure to use them correctly and in compliance. Because according to the current communication-related regulations

The purpose of wireless wifi signal jammer and how to use it?

Nowadays, in people's life, everyone carries a mobile phone with them. Every day people use their mobile phones to make calls and send messages. In some relatively secret offices and conference rooms

Where is the wifi jammer installed and the shielding effect is better?

Some customers have found that in the actual use process, the shielding effect of the wireless frequency jammer in the examination room is not ideal after it is turned on.

Where are the wifi jammers used?

In the era of the Internet, information spreads very quickly, and sometimes it is necessary to block or prevent the spread of information to avoid greater losses and panic.

How does the wireless signal jammer used in the exam room dissipate heat?

As the use of mobile phones becomes more and more popular, the functions of current mobile phones continue to expand, which greatly facilitates the communication and communication between people, facilitates the sharing of information.

Why do you need to use a wifi signal jammer?

The phones we use every day need a signal, so why use a wireless signal jammer? In fact, for those who can use mobile phones, of course, they hope that the stronger the mobile phone signal, the better.

Can a wireless wifi signal blocker block wired cameras?

The main function of the wireless wifi signal blocker is to block the commonly used wireless signals of various frequency bands. The types of these wireless signals include mobile phone signals of all formats.

How to improve the shielding effect of wireless wifi jammer?

Is there any way to improve the shielding effect of the wireless jammer? After the wireless wifi jammer is turned on, the effective coverage area of ​​the shielded signal is usually between tens of square meters to hundreds of square meters.

Why do exam rooms choose wireless frequency jammers with built-in antennas?

With the continuous development of science and technology, the mobile network has also been updated several times, from the original 2G mobile phone network to the current 3G, 4G and 5G mobile phone mobile signal networks.

Importance of installing wifi signal jammers in gas stations

Nowadays, more and more cars are used. In the process of queuing for refueling, it is often seen that people in the car answer or make calls.

How to give full play to the role and performance advantages of wireless signal jammers?

When technologically advanced smart phones are widely used in cheating methods, the maintenance of discipline and order in the examination room will also increase the difficulty and pressure.

What precautions should be taken when installing a wireless signal jammer?

Wireless signal jammer is a new type of information security product. It uses specific electromagnetic signals to form a shielded network in the place that needs to be protected.

Is there any way to improve the shielding effect of the wireless wifi jammer?

After the wireless jammer is turned on, the effective coverage area of ​​the shielded signal is usually between tens of square meters to hundreds of square meters.

The latest high-power anti-recording shielding jammer

The anti-recording wifi jammer can realize recording shielding in a concealed manner under silent conditions. When criminals use recording equipment (such as mobile phones, voice recorders, bugs, etc.) to record you.

Where are the benefits of WiFi signal jammers?

Especially in the home network, children are addicted to the network mainly because of the wifi network. Therefore, many families have gradually begun to install mobile phone wifi jammer to intercept the network to control the children's online time.

What are the three ways to block WIFI signals?

WIFI signal shielding may occur when using WIFI. Do you know how and how this shielding can be created? Let's find out about this using the wifi jammer manufacturer's editor:

What are the benefits of wifi mobile phone signal jammer? Do you know these pain points?

As a result, many gradually began to install mobile phone wifi jammer devices to block the network in order to control the children's online time.

Why should public WIFI will be used to lose personal information?

In recent years, free public WiFi has become a hidden danger for citizens to divulge personal information and compromise network security. Therefore, WLAN management in public places has come into focus. Corresponding countermeasures are also currently being investigated.

Cyborg Unplug prevents WLAN from being spied on and stolen

Cyborg Unplug is not a wifi jammer, which means it does not interrupt or distort WiFi signals. It simply detects the MAC addresses of the devices in range and sends them disconnect signals to prevent them from entering your network or others if you wish.

Why is WIFI accused of being dangerous for your health?

In an effort to stay healthy and get away from Wi-Fi, Stephanie coated her home with four thick coats of anti-radiation paint and banned her from using a computer or cell phone. In addition, it has a special WIFI jammer.

WiFi jammer for home use

Therefore, an efficient wifi jammer can be obtained at a very cheap price. I imagine that with some customization, you can expand the range of Wi-Fi interference and make it a mobile device.

Don’t stay up late, maybe the signal jammer can help you

So we need WiFi jammers. To fufill both, you can choose a phone and wifi jammer to interfere with cell phone signals and WiFi networks at the same time.

WiFi Jammer Protects Office Wireless Network Security

Looking around, you will find that a wifi jammer is no different from a small office. There are a large number of devices in our home that are connected to different networks.

WiFi jammer protects against cyber threats and security attacks

Many still find threats and security attacks difficult to perform. They believe that to be exposed to such threats, WiFi jammers can prevent attacks.

WiFi signal jammer to ensure information security

In this case, the problem is that we use the same network configuration for all electronic devices and use WiFi signal jammers to ensure information security.

WiFi signal jammer avoids multiple network risks

Many electronic devices have many network connection functions, which increases the risk of attacking the network. This kind of network risk can be avoided by using WiFi jammers.

Wifi signal jammer protects personal privacy and prevents mobile phone monitoring

In the current generation, mobile monitoring is increasing, and nine wireless service providers have released their data, which can protect personal privacy through portable WiFi signal jammers.

WiFi signal jammers protect personal privacy data

The government must obtain an arrest warrant before issuing private data, so we individually need to protect personal information security, which can be achieved by purchasing a WiFi jammer.

WiFi jammer is to prevent data leakage

Business is developing at the speed of light, and growth brings new challenges to the door. WiFi jammers can prevent data leakage.

WiFi signal jammer usually mounted on the wall or ceiling

To many people, a WiFi jammer is just a tool to block the signal. There is no other purpose. Do you really know the jammer?

USCIS uses WiFi signal jammer to stop human trafficking

In today's highly developed communication tools, we mainly rely on signal communication, and WiFi jammers are the best tools to block signals.

wifi Jammer Avoids Stopping Trouble Without Injuring Others

There seems to be a good reason to have a wifi signal jammer instead of hurting others. If you run into someone's trouble, you will definitely complain.

WiFi Jammer Avoids Disturbing Phone Calls

Mobile phone is an indispensable tool in travel. It seems that people are difficult to get rid of the trouble of mobile phone. Using WiFi jammer can avoid the interruption of mobile phone calls.

Principle and use of wifi jammer

In fact, when we turn off the car key of the car remote control, the WiFi jammer also makes the same wave sound, but some large electronic jammers will interfere with the reception of the locking device.

Buy WiFi jammers to shield wireless network signal

In order to protect the space between the two areas that block the metal, WiFi jammers are becoming more and more common in life, and WiFi signals are blocked by interference devices.

North Korean military exercises use WiFi jammers

South Korea's intervention drones could not play a role in the global positioning system GPS, because they were used as high-power WiFi jammers.

Install WiFi Jammers in Classrooms to Avoid Cheating

In the test room, there has been controversy over whether to use a WiFi jammer, and the use of a mobile phone during class is detrimental to the listening and concentration required for learning and respect for educators.

WiFi jammer suitable for installation in quiet environmen

When we usually need to read books, listen to music, watch TV, etc. and need a quiet environment, teachers will use WiFi jammers in schools, libraries, and many other places and conditions.

WiFi jammer invented and launched in the market

Do you know too many WiFi jammers to create quiet and safe driving conditions while driving, and in some cases will this WiFi signal blocker interfere with some special frequency bands?

WiFi Signal Jammer Protects WiFi Bluetooth Security

WiFi and Bluetooth are wireless technologies that support the use of wifi 2.4GHz bands to exchange data over short distances through fixed and mobile devices. From this perspective,

The use of WiFi jammers on the subway

The subway density of mobile phone users is so great that almost all passengers will play mobile phones.

Easy-to-use portable WiFi jammer with car charger

These are WiFi jammers that can interfere with cell phone signals, and rechargeable lithium batteries with built-in antennas.

WiFi jammer helps hospitals keep quiet

Do you know where to use wifi jammers now? Of course, it is now widely used in places where the use of mobile phones is prohibited and in places where you need to keep quiet

WiFi jammer protects wireless electronic devices

Every day more and more people worry about their privacy. We all know that many of these new wireless devices can steal our personal information.

Americans use a WiFi jammer to block cellphone use

As we all know, due to the rapid development of electronic technology, we can realize that more and more electronic products are entering people's modern life, and these devices have brought more and more convenience and happiness to life.

WiFi jammers cause mobile users to lose signal

In the field of mobile communications, a WiFi jammer is a device that prevents signal transmission by generating interference. The jammer sends signals in the frequency range used by the handset

WiFi jammer blocks cell phone signal inside prison

Cebu City, Philippines-A special electronic device is about to be installed in the Cebu City Prison in Barangay Kalunasan, which will block cell phone signals to stop illegal drug trade inside the prison.

Is WiFi jammer legal to protect personal privacy

Is the interference device legal or illegal? At first glance, nothing reminds us of the connection between the terms "interference" and "crime." In fact you must understand the importance of having equipment.

Wifi jammers can sometimes help us

A wifi jammer is an electronic device that prevents signal transmission between WiFi networks. By using the same frequency as a cell phone, WiFi jammers can strongly interfere with communication between callers and receivers.

WiFi jammers help us protect company data

A global survey found that 83% of organizations worldwide believe that they face the greatest risks due to their complexity. Employees cannot meet business needs because they are too difficult to produce and policies prevent them from working as they see fit.

civil uav jammers use WiFi 2.4 G and 5.8 G frequencies

Our company sells professional drone jammers as a specialty store for various jamming equipment.

Sale ​​2.4G WiFi frequency uav jammer

In today's highly developed communication technology, electronic devices are everywhere when people go out.

WiFi signal jammer devices weak radio wave hazards

The age of owning a smartphone is decreasing year by year. Elementary school students often play mobile games.

WiFi jammer stops high school students indulging in mobile phone world

Now, most junior high school students have mobile phones, which is a useful tool.

School installs WiFi jammer to ensure students sleep at night

Jammers are like invisible walls. For the installation and use of WiFi jammers, the minimum quantity and quality assurance principles must be followed. Install WiFi interference devices on campus.

WiFi jammer prevents wireless network use

Although there is a provision in the Radio Law, it is not possible to emit strong radio waves like a foreign router.

Whether schools can install and purchase WiFi jammers

Some people have questions about signal jammers: "It is forbidden to use mobile phones in schools.

Desktop WiFi blocker suitable for high-end secret places

Many people have learned the term "disturbance" through exams and other situations.

WiFi jammer shields mobile phone radio frequencies

With GPS satellite position tracking, WiFi jammer can effectively prevent the location of your privacy and sensitive information.

WiFi signal jammer device to prevent eavesdropping

WiFi provides us with many conveniences in the information society, but there are some dangers.

WiFi signal jammer mainly used in conference rooms and schools

Where is the mobile phone signal jammer used? The application range of this jammer is very wide, mainly applicable to political parties.

Portable GPS jammer can also block WiFi phone frequency

The mobile phone interception device system transmits a weak radio wave with the same frequency as the radio wave of the broadcast information from the mobile base station.

Wider interference range of desktop WiFi jammer

All electronic products such as smart phones and home appliances emit "electromagnetic waves", and various studies have been conducted on the effects on the human body.

WiFi blocker harmless to body not affect other electronic devices

The GPS signal suppression device is the most suitable product for commercial vehicles. You can prevent GPS failures without worrying about someone tracking.

Gas station WiFi jammer reduces mobile phone accidents

We might use wireless signal jammers, which have very good performance. Surveillance often occurs in life. Security is very important to us.

Wireless jammer affects mobile phone communication

Today's mobile phone signals are everywhere, and all electronic devices are surrounded by them.

School introduces WiFi jammer to promote student learning

If no jammer is installed, phenomena such as cheating with a cell phone will occur during school testing.

WiFi jammer prevents mobile phone from communicating normally

Smartphones are a tool for communication. However, mobile phones are not allowed in some special places, such as test centers and libraries.

5G jammer shielding effect is very powerful

Recently, I heard a communication pronoun called 5g. At the request of customers, the jammer we developed must block the 5g signal, which is very useful for security and confidentiality.

Demand for WiFi signal jammers is increasing

Due to social and economic development and people's demand for information, the electronic product market is also expanding.

WiFi Jammer Prevents Mobile Phone Use in Meeting Room

Taking the college entrance examination is an important part of achieving universal technology.

WiFi jammer is a must for testing phones in test rooms

In many cases, such as exams and conferences, using a mobile phone is very inappropriate, and WiFi Jammer can make mobile phones and Wi-Fi signals unavailable in certain areas.

WiFi signal blocker prevents cell phone tracking surveillance

In the information age, with the continuous use of radio networks, mobile phones have become an essential tool in people's daily lives.

High-quality WiFi jammer prevents phone peeping

The wifi jammer that is very popular in our company detects and interferes with the established countermeasures of eavesdropping and voyeur cameras.

Test data shows that WiFi jammers are harmless to humans

Frequent complaints from car and commercial vehicle owners! Somehow, it seems that someone is monitoring the smartphone radio.

WiFi signal blocker solves mobile phone noise trouble

At present, with the development of smart software and mobile phones, problems gradually arise!

Wireless WiFi blocker prevents phone information from being stolen

With different frequencies and different interference purposes, some devices can guarantee the security of your data.

Wifi signal blocker provides a safe and quiet space for you

A wifi jammer can provide you with a safe and quiet space and become a trustworthy and loyal bodyguard.

Jamming devices radio waves harmless to human body

At the test site, a WIFI jammer with the ability to block signals was used as a tool to prevent cheating.

Wifi blockers stop people from using their phones

Recently, many people have used smartphones and they have the right to freedom of communication.

Concert hall install wifi jammer prevent phone ringing

In order to maintain a quiet environment and prevent harmful mobile phone radio waves, mobile phone radio wave wifi interference devices have been introduced in many places.

Stop mobile phone issues with WiFi jammer

While studying in the library, the phone rang suddenly, someone called at a concert, some people cheated on their mobile phones at the test site, and some people were worried about information leakage.

Military camouflage WiFi blockers evaluate best

Recently, we designed military wifi jammers according to customer needs. Currently available on this site.

The WiFi blocker here guarantees high quality

With the development of science and technology, the functions of jammers will become more and more.

Stronger interference from desktop WiFi blockers

When we choose a jammer product, it is sometimes difficult to choose, especially when it is a portable jammer or a desktop jammer.

Test site install desktop wifi blocker

In recent years, machines such as jammers have become popular, and jammer-mart.com is a shop that specializes in selling this product.

Teacher uses WiFi jammer prevent students using phones

With the development of science and technology, electronic products such as mobile phones have developed tremendously.

Army installs WiFi jammer to keep information secret

There are many types of jammers. Customers choose products according to their needs.

privacy protects wifi blocker and information confidentiality

The development of GPS satellite systems has brought great convenience to users, but also brought some inconveniences.

Through wifi jammer prevents mobile phone using

These days, young people use mobile phones regardless of the occasion and do not understand politeness. Use a wifi jammer to send signals at the same frequency. The cellular signal area is disabled to prevent unpleasant conversations.

Using wireless signal jammer interrupt communication

Generally, WIFI jammers are used to interrupt and control communication. Designed to protect areas and assets from threats. It can be effectively used to eliminate threats that will interfere with WIFI signals.

Wireless signal blocker intercepts WiFi band to shield noise

Signal interception devices are designed to prevent the use of phones in certain areas and use the same frequency band to block phone signals. It has various functions. If you are dealing with sensitive data and want to protect your personal information, you do need a signal jammer device.

Wifi signal blocker makes our phone no signal

Smartphones are good for our lives in many ways, but there are many problems. Walking and driving while operating a smartphone is very dangerous. Operate your smartphone while walking.

Protect wireless network with WiFi signal jammer

Today, people communicate with each other with the help of WiFi Internet for various meetings and so on. Some eavesdropping devices operate at 2.4 GHz to get important data, which is a big problem.

WiFi jammer protects conversations and confidential information

We ate with friends last week and talked a lot about the phone. Smartphones have changed our lives and brought many conveniences, but there are many problems. Mobile phone behavior on trains is usually a problem.

Block radio waves with WiFi jammer during test

In recent years, wireless Internet has become very popular. People often use radio signals. I can't imagine life without WiFi and the Internet. You can simply share information, and while useful, it can violate privacy.

Wi-Fi jammers defending against wireless network attackers

With the insecureness of WiFi networks, there will be mobile phone deterrent devices that can prevent harmful signals from escaping, which can cut various radio waves. In order to ensure a secure environment, we use WiFi signal jammer equipment outside the service area.

WiFi jammer to block mobile wireless communication

Here, we introduce the WiFi signal interception blocking device, that is, the WiFi jammer that blocks wireless communication. It is also called a signal jammer or jammer. It is wise to choose this device in some places.

Quiet phones with WiFi signal blockers

In fact, jamming devices of various cut off frequency types on the market are becoming increasingly popular. So if you are buying a WiFi / Bluetooth / Wireless Video Jammer, there are a few points you need to know.

Block mobile phone radio reception with WiFi jammer

Recently, with the rapid spread of mobile phones, various harmful effects have been pointed out. People are worried that using mobile phones in public places such as hospitals, cinemas, lecture halls, libraries, etc. will destroy the quiet environment and affect precision equipment.

Signal jammer prevents unsafe public wifi networks

Indeed, considerable progress has been made in science and technology in the past few years. Nowadays, mobile phones are not only a communication tool, but also a fashion.

WiFi jammer handles wireless network risks

As we all know, WiFi and Bluetooth are very important to us. It is a wireless technology, which is mainly used for data exchange between fixed and mobile devices within a short distance. WiFi networks usually use the 2.4G frequency band.

Wide range of WiFi jammers

First, let's look at how WiFi and Bluetooth work. WiFi and Bluetooth are wireless devices that typically exchange data over short distances by using the 2.4G band. For families, the use of wireless networks is very convenient.

WiFi jammers suitable for many places

There is a growing focus on security and privacy, and there is an urgent desire to find an effective way to prevent their privacy from being leaked or attacked. In order to meet such requirements, WiFi / Bluetooth jammer is the best choice.

With professional drone jammer to block UAVs GPS WiFi band

What is a mobile phone jammer and where can I use it? Have you ever experienced a phone call while watching a concert again? Or, when you watch a new Hollywood movie, someone comes up and talks loudly?

Wifi network puts us in danger all the time

We all like to use WiFi, it is a faster and faster wireless connection, and it is very convenient. We can walk around the house while keeping our phones and computers connected to a high-quality internet.

Install WiFi jammers where mobile phones are not welcome

WiFi signal jammer is an electronic anti-mobile phone WiFi signal device. It can cover and hide the mobile phone signal from the transmission tower by sending a larger sound signal of the same frequency.

Wifi jammer makes the phone quiet

If you are tired of the noise caused by these mobile devices and feel or think you are being tracked by an unauthorized GPS system, you will need a signal jammer.

WiFi jammer prevents mobile phone shopping

We use our phones every day, and when we leave them, we feel very upset. When we go to the market for shopping, we use our mobile phones to pay our bills.

WIFI jammer useful to prevent mobile phone use

Mobile phones were invented in the early days to facilitate cross-regional communication between people. But over time, mobile phones are not only a communication tool, but also computers, portable entertainment devices.

Wifi jammer intercept phone noise and GPS tracking

In modern society, with the rapid development of communication systems, mobile phones have been widely used around the world, but the use of mobile phones regardless of the occasion makes us very troubled.

WIFI jammer helps ban cell phone use

Modern life is inseparable from mobile phones. Today mobile phones are not only a communication tool, they have become our good friends.

WIFI jammer prevents wireless signal electrical transmission

wifi jammer send electromagnetic waves at a frequency that will be broadcast throughout the area. The radio will cover and suppress the frequency band that receives this wave, thereby blocking the radio from broadcasting another band

Wifi jammer blocking cell phone signal

Today, with the development of intelligent technology, more and more people hope to obtain signal interceptor products that block multiple frequency bands at the same time.

WIFI signal jammer products reduce phone unusual use

With the continuous update of mobile phone models, we have to discover the fact that whether in the streets around us or in classes that should be concentrated in learning.

WiFi signal jammer device affecting wireless network

When we connect to wifi to browse the web, we often encounter situations where the wifi signal is strong or weak. Obviously, the signal was still full, but suddenly it became one or two, or even dropped, causing a sudden card change when watching a movie or playing a game.

Shield WiFi signal and mobile phone call via WiFi jammer

When we choose the wifi network to connect to, we often see a large list of network names. At present, the wifi network uses the 2.4GHz or 5GHz radio band, and the 5GHz radio band has weak wall penetration capabilities.

Library use wifi jammer shields phone signals

I went to the library to read a book during the holidays, and found that many of the libraries came together. They took out their mobile phones when they sat down, and chatted aloud while playing. It was particularly annoying to remind them that it was useless.

Wifi jammer intercepts mobile phone uplink signal

Nowadays, many parents are afraid that children will use their mobile phones to play instead of learning. This wifi signal jamming devices is often used in schools, conference rooms, prisons and other places where mobile phones cannot be used.

How many WiFi jammers should I buy?

Wifi signal jamming devices are mainly used in examination rooms, prisons, gas stations, mobile phone bombs, oil depots, detention centers, interrogation rooms, special security and confidential sites.

Instructions for buying wifi signal jammers

When we are very painful about the noise of the mobile phone around us, we are eager to use a device to effectively shield the surrounding mobile phone signal. At the same time, the device will not affect other electronic devices around us. You can choose to buy a wifi jammer.

How wifi jammer block phone signals?

We all know that during the college entrance examination every year, the school will have problems with mobile phones dropping, mobile phones can not access the Internet, and the network speed near the test center is slow.

Wifi jammers are very versatile in reality

When the church is praying, the priest is reading the Bible on it. Such a solemn moment, if suddenly a loud and loud cell phone alarm sounds, it will be a matter of anger and embarrassment.

Wifi jammer solves phone noise and prohibition

We use mobile phones to make phone calls every day, video chat with distant friends, communication at leisure time. The mobile phone has gradually replaced the real friends and become our companion to pass the time.

Wifi jammer advantage: peace and quiet

We know that today's smartphones are equipped with a GPS positioning navigation system, so mobile phone positioning is relatively easy. Since each mobile phone has a separate identification number.

New discoveries manufacture of wifi blockers

In some cases, the use of mobile phones can cause strong interference and even disgusting to us. For example, when a performance is being enjoyed in a theater, a sudden strong mobile phone alarm in front of us can be very annoying.

Reasonable use manufacturing buy WiFi jammer

The word "WiFi" is very familiar to us. We can make online shopping by connecting to the WiFi network, browsing current news, and downloading documents online.

Blocking wifi signals can block mobile phone use

We can use the mobile phone to browse the Internet, watch movies, and video chat with friends and colleagues because our mobile phone can receive the radio signals transmitted by the tower.

Educational institutions support the legal use of WiFi jammers

With the release of Pokemon GO this summer, the number of fans has soared. An augmented reality and virtual effect game hunts about 151 Pokémons in towns.

Using WiFi blockers to limit kids online time

The development of smart phone wireless networks has a great effect on improving the speed of development. Mobile phones play a very important role in people's lives, mobile communications and mobile Internet.

It has become common to use WiFi blocker in schools

For today's college students, even high school students, everyone almost has a smart phone . However, at the age of study, while studying, students should put their work first, and mobile Internet access takes up too much of their time.

Wifi jammers are widely used in quiet places

Many people are accustomed to dialing a mobile phone in a bus or in an office area, which not only causes a lot of noise pollution, but also affects other people's moods and even interrupts the work of others.

Multifunctional wifi mobile phone signal jammer

With the development of jammers, it is not difficult to achieve the blocking of multi-function signals. If you want your phone to be protected from WiFi signals and other signals at the same time.

Drone jammer blocks unallocated wifi 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz frequency

As the sales of drones are expected to grow exponentially in the near future, the number of drone events that occur every day is increasing, and the harm it brings is also increasing.

Blocking wifi frequency you want by wifi jammer

With the popularization of smart phones, wireless networks occupy an increasingly important position in people's lives. People can use the wireless network to browse the web faster, watch videos, and download apps.

Use WiFi jammer prevent home network from being used secretly

Sometimes you may found thae the wireless network signal at home is always very poor. however the network speed of others is fast.Finally you found that your own WiFi network has been stolen by others.

Shield the examing room signal with wifi jammer

The eraser is often seen in the examination room and there is nothing unusual about it. But if you embed an electronic device in the eraser, it would become an important test cheat tool.

Jamming wifi frequency by wifi signal blocker

WiFi network is an important network signal that we are indispensable. We rely heavily on WiFi network at work or in life. In restaurants, dessert shops and other places, we often see people asking the boss what the WiFi password is.

WiFi signal problems and children indulge in the network

The advancement of society and the development of science and technology have made smartphones popular all over the world. Almost everyone has a mobile phone, which indirectly reflects the improvement of people's living standards, but it also brings a major problem.

WiFi radiation seriously affects children's healthy growth

With the development of mobile smart devices, WiFi coverage is also growing, whether in libraries, restaurants, or stations, cafes, and other public places, public WiFi is everywhere.

Block 4G signals with WiFi Bluetooth jammer

With the 4G signal entering the market, the speed of mobile phones is getting faster and faster, and more and more people use smartphones to watch videos and browse TV news, which is a must for them.

What is the cause of the poor WiFi signal?

Clearly installed 100M broadband, but always feel that the network speed is very slow, watching a video has to buffer for a long time, then what are the main factors affecting the strength of WiFi signals?

WIFI network has big hidden dangers to eliminate

In recent years, WiFi signals have spread throughout the country, from stations to libraries, from cafes to theaters, etc., and there is almost WiFi everywhere.

Use wifi blockers in the musical theatre to reduce phone noise

In my spare time, watching a game quietly, going to the cinema to watch a science fiction movie, or going to the theater to enjoy a wonderful musical is a very relaxing thing, but the appearance of the phone Broke this rule.

Application examples of WiFi jammer in reality

Jammer, which initially sounds illegal, is that not all jammers are used for illegal purposes. Many of them are for legitimate purposes.