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High-power equipment used in military bases, prisons and R&D centers. Prevent unauthorized wireless and radio communications from leaking sensitive information. Using a high power jammer, you can get an interference radius of more than 20 meters, which means that the portable signal jammer can cover a large area of trouble, get complete safety and interference-free environment, so how does it work? Just read the following articles in our High Power Jammer Information Center to learn more.

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How to choose a signal jammer to prevent children from indulging in mobile phones

The shielding range is proportional to the power. For low-power signal jammer, one is enough to install in a room, and the shielding area is about 20 square meters; while for high-power jammers, the shielding distance can reach 100-400 square meters. Depending on the local field strength or whether you need to go through the wall to decide.

What are the main factors affecting the function of school shielding instrument

When using a school signal jammer, its shielding effect will be affected in many ways, but do you know what are the common effects? Let's take a look at the editor of the Shangkino shielding instrument manufacturer:

Government often uses jammers - expert

The company confirmed the incident on Friday. "To prevent outside people from using drones to cut off pork with the African swine fever virus, [one of our units] violated the rules by using a signal jammer," the company said.

"BLISS" to counteract jammers that block GPS reception

To prevent such a terrible scenario, experts have worked tirelessly for years to find a reliable antidote to GPS jammer.

Practical application of high-power mobile phone signal jammer

The high-power mobile phone signal jammer is a product developed according to the market demand and adopts special advanced technology.

Some ways to prevent drones that violate your privacy

It currently has a range of more than 1300 feet, but may still be able to achieve more versions in the future. Still, you can buy High Power drone jammer online now.

Powerful portable GPS jammer blocks cell phone signals

There are many signal jammers that are very versatile, and some GPS jammers can block mobile phone signals at the same time, which is powerful.

Signal jammer helps organize multiple mobile phone signal bands

A powerful solution that can completely block all nearby mobile phone signals, including standard GSM, new 3G models, and signal jammers for WiFi networks.

New function signal jammer intercepts multiple frequency bands

Can adjust multiple frequency bands with power New signal jammer that , powerful, is your ideal choice.

GPS jammer can stop phone tracking apps

GPS has always been a powerful mobile application that helps users in strange places and helps them easily reach new destinations.

High-power GSM jammer blocks multiple frequencies

Less complex gsm signal blocker devices can block a frequency group, while complex GSM jammers can block multiple types of networks simultaneously to disable dual-mode or triple-mode phones.

Signal blocker intercepts multiple frequency bands

Each antenna in the wirelsee jammers has its own power and radio wave adjustment button, so you can set the radio waves to be cut and the radio waves that you do not want to cut.

Wireless jammers helps people protect personal privacy

With the rapid development of network technology, the function of wireless signals is very powerful and it is suitable for many fields.

Buy signal jammers pay attention to correct installation

Compatible with all the latest radio frequency bands, this is the most powerful signal blocking device and can be used over long distances via remote monitoring.

5G jammer shielding effect is very powerful

Recently, I heard a communication pronoun called 5g. At the request of customers, the jammer we developed must block the 5g signal, which is very useful for security and confidentiality.

Avoid using phone while driving with a jammer

Prison authorities have installed a large number of high-power jammers equipment in Bobasin prison to prevent prisoners from illegally using mobile phones.

Powerful GPS jammer saves many lives

By the way, do you know that if the authorities seize you and you carry a GPS jammer, they will take it and pay you a considerable fine?

Use drone jammer gun makes uavs land

The device has certain configurations, with multiple design-type gun styles, and can be used with a variety of drone models. Although it looks like our most common rifle, it is actually a high power signal jammers device capable of interrupting multiple frequency bands at the same time.

Office needs powerful cell phone jammer

We cannot deny that mobile phones have become a part of our lives, especially smartphones, which have helped us a lot, but under certain circumstances, the use of mobile phones may have a "negative impact".

High power signal jammer interference frequency band width

The development of society makes us have to invest more energy with our work, the family. Sometimes even if we work hard, life still gives us a lot of pressure.

Russia uses signal jammers on the Syrian battlefield

On the Syrian battlefield, Russia invested a large number of fighters, bombers and drones to support Bashar al-Assad's stability of power, making the United States and its allies concerned and strongly indignant.

High power desktop 3G 4G jammer may meet your need

If you don't know much about certain high-tech products (such as cell phones, GPS transmitters, wifi, Bluetooth, etc.), you really need to one signal jammer. Then jammer-mart can meet all your requirements.

Having a leisure quite time by high power jammer

In such a fast-growing world, people have a busy working day, no time to experience life and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside. Even if there is time, most people's spare time is occupied by mobile phones.

Advantages of high power jammers

With the development of the Internet, people shop online more and more frequently. The jammer-mart mall offers many different types of jammers to ensure high quality and low price.

should we choose high power jammers?

When many people buy mobile phone jammers, they will pick up high-power signal jammers. High-power interferometers have a wide range of interference and high output power, which can interfere with more frequency bands.

Perfect high power jammers are here

For many people, they only need to use signal blockers when they are outside, so they will use hand-held signal blockers when needed, and sometimes they need to use signal-blockers without interruption.

High power jammers mainly placed in large areases

Initially, cell phone jammers were mainly installed in stores to ensure quietness in public places such as hospitals, restaurants, cinemas, etc.

Have a powerful GPS jammer

Today, the wireless industry is growing very fast. With the advent of many high-tech equipment, not only has people's work efficiency been greatly improved, but also a lot of hidden dangers for many related industries and departments.

Protect phone information security by high power jammer

With the development of technology network technology, our lives are closely linked to the Internet. Whether it is querying real-time reports, shopping payments, etc., it is inseparable from the Internet.

Military jammers are also common in life

We know that military jammers are mainly used for military activities, and military jammers are generally designed for high output power, which can effectively interfere with cell phone signals in CDMA GSM DCS PCS GPS WIFI 3G and other frequency bands.

The smallest portable jammer on the market

This is the smallest low-power portable handheld pocket-sized mobile phone jammer on the market. The compact device is ultra-small and looks like a cigarette case.

High-power mobile phone jammers in the market

With the continuous updating of mobile phone software, the mobile phone system has been replaced by generation after generation. The simple mobile phone calls and e-mails can no longer meet our needs.