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Russia use gps signal jamemr interfere uavs

Admin Posted on 2020-03-06

"Conventional military exercises" remain Russia's official response. However, simulated gps jammer exercises are equally effective. Laboratory tests, field exercises in Russia, and field operations in Ukraine and Syria ensure that the Russian military knows exactly how its GPS signal blocker works. They do not need to disrupt and endanger Norwegian air traffic and life to ensure the availability of the army.

For AC-130 crews, enemies blocking their communication systems or data links are particularly dangerous to US special operations personnel, conventional support forces, and innocent bystanders. Combat helicopters rely heavily on these systems to help locate and correctly identify targets, and then coordinate attacks with other manned and unmanned aircraft in the field and joint tactical air controllers. If GPS positioning fails due to GPS interference devices, these drones will lose their effectiveness.

The Russian army again interfered with GPS in northern Norway last month. This effect is particularly felt in the aviation and telecommunications industries. Prior to this, a similar week-long disturbance occurred in the same area in September, and a Baltic disturbance later that month interrupted Latvia, Sweden and Norway, while he also intervened, It is believed that Russia has begun to confuse and neutralize US advanced weapons systems in Syria.

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