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Is the 5G mobile phone signal jammer installed by manufacturers effective?

Admin Posted on 2020-11-19

With the distribution of the test spectrum of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, operators and the industry chain have obtained a clear development direction, strive to complete relevant tests and commercial preparations in the future, and urge operators to quickly deploy 5G commercial products. China is moving towards the era of 5G communications.

At the same time, the 5G upgrade internally promotes the iteration of the communications industry, and a large number of investment opportunities have emerged. Chinese manufacturers accounted for 43%, 45%, and 28% of the world's total shares in wireless, optical communications, and digital communications, respectively, and constituted the core part of industry development. With the breakthrough opportunities brought by 5G, the world's largest mobile Internet market and the cooperation of Chinese manufacturers with leading system equipment, Chinese companies are expected to catch up in the 5G era through breakthroughs and innovations.

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The 5G standard cell phone jammer the voice of domestic manufacturers, and the new era will strive to break through the upstream component industry. The construction of 5G bearer network will trigger a huge new demand for major optical communication equipment and optical fibers, and Chinese manufacturers have already occupied a leading position in the global market and have continuously made active innovations and breakthroughs in optical modules and optical chips. We believe that with the construction of 5G bearer networks and the continuous expansion of large data centers, the domestic optical communications industry will continue to improve in the field of optical equipment and usher in core development opportunities.

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