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Cell phone jammer that might keep you from distracted driving

Admin Posted on 2020-08-28

Even when Manitoba has some of the toughest fines in the country, a $ 200 fine paired with five mistakes, it still doesn't seem enough to keep drivers from answering a text or phone call. The police say they see someone every day who is putting themselves or others at risk by simply picking up the phone.

Hart Levine is a concerned dad and an advocate for stopping distracted driving. He said he had a solution to the distracted driving problem. A cell phone jammer called Drive ID. You buy the device, download an app and connect the app to your phone.

GPS cell phone blocker

According to UK media reports, on May 3rd, Nissan launched a special storage compartment for signal jammers to cope with the driver's distraction. This weapon is expected to be used in future models, which will greatly reduce the distractions caused by cell phones.

This weapon, which Nissan calls a signal jammer, was first shown in the Nissan Juke Small Crossover. Place a "Faraday cage" next to the armrest compartment of the car seat, which can completely prevent the reception of signals, Bluetooth and WLAN for all cell phones. If the driver puts the mobile phone in this compartment, the driver will not be able to receive any signals, which eliminates the safety risks associated with using the mobile phone while driving.

Of course, to achieve the same effect, the owner can simply turn off the phone. But Nissan said the signal jammer's original design was to give the driver an option without having to turn off the phone while driving.

RAC data provides strong support for Nissan's approach. The data shows that the number of drivers using mobile phones while driving increased from 8% in 2014 to 31% last year. Interference from cell phones while driving is no longer limited to sending and receiving text messages or receiving calls.

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