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How to enhance the blocking effect of the wifi signal jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-11-02

Do customers often ask what kind of environment can maximize the effect of the wifi jammer? Why can't the wifi signal jamming device in some places have a good effect or the shielding effect is relatively poor? In fact, this is closely related to the electromagnetic environment around the place where the shielding instrument is used.

Under what circumstances will the wifi jammer device be less effective?

1. The environment of the wifi jammer used is not transparent, there are many compartments, or the wall is blocked. This is because the penetration of wireless signals is relatively poor, which depends on the frequency of the transmitted signal. The higher the frequency, the worse the penetration, or the diffraction performance.

2. The place where the shielding device is used is relatively close to the base station. The mobile phone signal will be relatively strong in the place near the base station. If the shielding device wants to shield the mobile phone signal, the transmitted signal strength is stronger than that of the mobile phone signal on site. Block cell phone signals.

3. There is an indoor signal distribution system in the building where the wifi signal jammer is used, commonly known as a mobile phone signal amplifier. The place where there is a mobile phone signal amplifier is similar to the place where the base station is close. If you want to block the mobile phone signal, then the blocker needs to have more high transmit power.

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When using a wifi jammer device, it is necessary to pay attention to the distribution of base stations around the site and confirm whether there is an indoor signal distribution system in the building. If there are too many compartments, multiple shielding devices are needed to cooperate with the shielding. The distance between the base stations is close, and the operator can be coordinated to adjust the direction of the antenna board of the base station so that the signal strength of the mobile phone on the scene can be reduced, so as to improve the shielding effect of the wifi shielding device. In an environment with an indoor signal distribution system, when using the shielding device, let the user turn off the power of the indoor signal distribution system, thereby reducing the signal strength, and to a certain extent, the effect of the wifi frequency jammer can be improved a lot.

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