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Iran gets a lot of GPS jammers. United States: This battle cannot be fought

Admin Posted on 2020-08-19

According to media reports, in the face of tensions in the Middle East, as the world’s second power, it finally made a move, providing Iran with a large number of GPS jammers. As a result, the US military in the Middle East encountered large-scale signal interference, which directly led to the situation near the Persian Gulf. All GPS signals disappeared. In response, the US said: Iran’s move is simply a war provocation. Against this background, the war cannot be fought.

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So why are GPS signals so important to the US military? Now that the U.S. military has established a digital combat force, and the most inseparable information capability of the digital combat force, it can be said that any step of the US military is based on information, and GPS is also used in the US military’s information operations. An important link, if there is no GPS signal, then many US military operations will not be able to continue.

Moreover, in today’s US military operations, the first step is often to use long-range firepower to destroy important facilities in the target country. When the US military destroys these facilities, it is even more inseparable from GPS. If there is no GPS signal, the US Tomahawk missiles will even I don’t know where to fight. Even if US bombers fly to the Middle East, they will be forced to go back because they can’t find their targets. Even the ground forces of the US military are fighting without GPS.

The country that helped Iran this time is Russia. Although Russia’s overall military strength is not as good as that of the United States, Russia’s strength is still beyond the reach of the United States in a few areas. It is like this field of electronic interference. When it comes to jamming GPS signals, Russia This time, the United States has already seen how powerful Russia is. Not only is it jamming GPS, Russia is also a good at jamming Aegis.

With the help of Russia, Iran’s strength has also been greatly improved, which also makes Iran less afraid of the United States. At present, Iran already has many killers in its hands. In addition to the GPS jammer provided by Russia, Iran also controls The Strait of Hormuz, and Iran also has the most missiles in the Middle East. With so many killers, it is no wonder that the United States dare not easily take action against Iran and can only use force intimidation and economic sanctions to force Iran to yield.

But these tricks of the United States have been used for many years. Not only did they have no effect at all, they also made Iran tougher. So for the United States, the best solution is to return to the negotiating table with Iran, only to shake hands again. Only by making peace can the crisis in the Middle East be resolved. This is the result that people all over the world hope to see, rather than letting the Middle East continue to be shrouded in the dark cloud of war.

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