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Where are wifi jammers usually used?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-31

With the rapid development of the Internet, wireless network has become an indispensable part of our life, but sometimes we do need not to use it. Some tools are needed to resist it.

School bans mobile phone use

The use of cell phones needs to be banned, and the one we may easily think of is teaching because once we are students, we prohibit the use of cell phones to provide warning experiences. With the development of society, more and more schools have installed wifi blockers. In class, students play with their phones and read novels so badly that the jammer will block the phone's working signal. Also, we have gone through important exams and will find that it will also be open for major exams to prevent students from using electronics such as cell phones. Children use cell phones as a tool to cheat on exams. To avoid cheating in exams, wifi jammer is required for school exams.


In churches in western countries, they are in a sacred places and any uncivilized behavior should be prohibited, and the ringing of the bell will disrupt the behavior of others for a week, which is not civilization. Therefore, many churches maintain a quiet atmosphere to keep the Holy Spirit alive and install wifi jammer device to block the signal if necessary. You can imagine rude and ignorant answering the phone loudly. As a result, jamming cell phone frequencies can be a good solution to the problem of silence in the church.

handheld wifi blockers


Prisons are places of crime, there may be terrorists in them, because they should be prohibited from contacting the outside world, and they should not be allowed to use mobile phones and other electronic devices to contact the outside world to prevent them from making prison security threats, so the use of wifi signal jammers in prisons can prevent this. something happens. To prevent secret contact between prisoners and visitors, a wifi blocker can help.


A court is a place that protects the rights of the people and ensures that the trial process runs smoothly without any outside influence. As the courts are solemn places and should not be disturbed by phone calls. So wireless wifi jammer should be used in court to ensure seriousness.

Concert or theatre

Imagine if you need to go to a concert hall for a concert and you like to always ring your phone next to you, or call it out loud, it makes you very angry, I think so. That's why concert halls are equipped with cell phone jammers. On the one hand, you can prevent the ringtones from disturbing the music performers, and on the other hand, you can ensure a better experience for the audience. If you're enjoying a great concert or a good movie and there's a theater nearby ringing your phone, everyone's going to be pissed. If you think it shouldn't happen in a place like this, use a bluetooth wifi jammer.

A wireless WIFI signal jammer can be used to stop anyone from using the phone within an effective blocking range. Even when you're not in the office, or your computer isn't running, nearby jammers prevent data leakage by producing constant frequency noise.

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