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Prevent exam cheating: cell phone jammer

Admin Posted on 2019-10-19

We all know that cheating in school exams is very common. With the development of science and technology, various exam cheating tools have appeared one after another. In addition to our most common mobile phones, such as wearing special glasses, cheating headphones, cheating pens, etc. are very common, and even some candidates install a full set of cameras on the beverage bottles. The system is really incredible.

Now, cell phone jammers can be installed in the test room to avoid cheating in the exam, thus maintaining the fairness of the test room. Cell phone jammer can block all mobile phone signals within a certain range, forcing the mobile phone and all the cheating tools in the field to be in a network-free state, thus avoiding the occurrence of test cheating from the source.

So how do mobile phone jammers work? The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Culture commented on this and pointed out the use of such equipment. Using a device that blocks the reception of cell phone signals by transmitting its own radio waves does not involve data review protection. Within the mobile phone band, operating network operators have the right to use mobile phone occluders because they have the right to use the frequency of their auctions.

According to the Data Protection Law of the relevant Ministry of Culture, a mobile signal jamming device is placed in the room to scan and shield the frequency band in a specific area, no personal data is Involved.

For the phenomenon of cheating in the exams of public schools, this points out the usefulness of using such equipment in the examination room and some issues that need attention. Candidates use mobile phones to pass answers and send answers, etc. All of them belong to exam cheating. You can easily avoid the impact of such devices by setting your phone to flight mode.

When the mobile phone is set to flight mode, the mobile phone is in a network-free state, and it is unable to receive information at this time, thereby reducing cheating, but this only solves the problem of cheating on the mobile phone. Nowadays, using mobile phones to cheat is only the oldest and most traditional. The way to cheat is gradually replaced by other cheating tools such as headphones and watches.

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