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School test center use cell phone jammers prevent cheating

Admin Posted on 2019-10-12

Almost all schools face this problem: every time there are exams, there are often a variety of cheating tools in the exam room, which makes it hard to prevent. Such as mobile phones, erasers, glasses, and other wearable devices, such as watches and so on, these seriously undermined the discipline of the examination room.

The use of high-tech cheating tools during the exam, although able to achieve higher results at one time, but with the knowledge they have learned, there is a big difference, and also undermine the fairness and fairness of the examination room. Therefore, it has always been a headache for all schools to prevent cheating on exams.

Cell phone jammers are also called cell phone signal jammers. While working, they can block all mobile phone signals in a certain range, including GSM 3G 4G WIFI and other frequency bands. The interference radius is determined by the model. At this time, all mobile phones near the test site include other High-tech cheat tools are in a state of no network.

Nowadays, a variety of different types of cell phone jamming devices are sold on the Internet. This idea is really tempting: you only need to connect the switch to prevent the annoying mobile phone conversations and cheating during the exam. It is understood that in the Offenburg prison in Baden, cell phone jammers have been used to block cell phone signals in prisons to prevent criminals from carrying out dangerous communication activities.

In modern multiplex cinemas, mobile phones usually don't work properly, and many people suspect that they put cell phone jammers in a hidden place in the cinema, leaving the phone in a network-free state. In some military locations, government agencies and conference centers also use signal jamming equipment to protect the ive privacy and avoid some information leaks.

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