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Cell phone signal jammer destroys exam cheating

Admin Posted on 2019-11-2

The cell phone signal jammer can isolate the mobile phone communication or wireless LAN signal from the electronic device, so that the mobile phone is in a state of no signal and can be widely used without destroying other nearby electronic device signals.

Cell phone signal jammers are suitable for use in special places where mobile phones are generally prohibited, such as government, military bases, convention centers, theaters and prisons.

classroom cell phone jammer

Cellular jammers have been widely used in testing, and are the most used places on the market except for prisons. Mainly used to prevent candidates from using gadgets to cheat during the exam.

The invention of mobile phones has brought people closer together. It has brought great convenience to people's lives. We almost always carry mobile phones with us, which leads to the irregularity of mobile phone use and the mobile phone signal on the market. The cause of the development of jammers.

In large-scale university entrance exams, civil service recruitment, and other qualification exams, examiners assemble cell phone signal jammer in almost every classroom, because smartphones can affect the fairness of exams. Tools that interfere with the device must be used.

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