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Using a cell phone jammer in class

Admin Posted on 2019-10-23

School classrooms are the places to learn. Now, with the popularity of smartphones, you will find that in college classrooms, students can be seen everywhere playing mobile phones, some playing games, and some sending SMS with each other. The classroom is completely silent before.

If you are a teacher, what if you often encounter the above situation while in class, what would you fel´╝č This not only affects the progress of the class, but more importantly, it affects the children's learning and growth. Is it painful, then How to you will deal with this kind of problem?

This is a news happened in Florida: Dean Liptak, a science teacher who teaches at Fivay High School, in order to keep students focused on the class and keep the classroom quiet during class, on March 31 and April 1. During the period, he used a cell phone jammer to block the phone signals in the classroom in class, and was sentenced to five days of unpaid suspension.

Dean Liptak wrote in the letter: The purpose of my use of the device is to allow students to focus on their academic during class, rather than focusing on mobile games, chat and other unrelated things. I put the device in the box and kept it until the end of the class, during which I did not confiscate a cell phone. Liptak said that he is for the education. If an emergency occurs during the period, the device button can be turned off and the phone can be started immediately. And there is no legal statement that does not allow the use of interference devices in the classroom.

There is a lot of discussion in the society about whether it is possible to use a cell phone jammer in the classroom, some support, and some opposition.

Some teachers and parents say it is really hard to let children focus on their studies. Some parents report that children can't leave their mobile phones at home, even if they are staring at the mobile phone when they eat, there is no time to communicate face to face with them. What's important is that parents can't discourage them, and they can't control them unless they don't have a cell phone.

A small number of parents and the community believe that placing jamming devices in the classroom during class will cause no signal to all mobile phones in the classroom. If something urgent happens, it is impossible to contact the outside world in time.

So is there a good way to solve this problem? You can have a public phone in the classroom so that when you use the cell phone jammer, students can focus on the class and use the public phone emergency call 9-1-1 even in the event of an emergency. Of course, if the measure can be legalized, the result will be better.

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