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Using cell phone jammers in prisons is legal

Admin Posted on 2019-11-2

With the development of technology, previously expensive, cumbersome and limited to offset cell phone jammers in the GSM 900 MHz band, it is getting smaller and cheaper. In terms of interference bands, they can not only block mobile phone signals (GSM 3G 4G UMTS LTE, etc.), but also interfere with positioning system and WLAN data networks (GPS, RLAN, WiMax, Galileo, etc.), their use is becoming more and more extensive.

In some parts of the European Union, the illegal use of cell phone jammers is prohibited. In the past, these devices were used to block cell phone calls from trains, theaters or cinemas. Nowadays, many lawless elements use cell phone signal jamming devices for criminal activities, because it not only causes inconvenience to mobile phone users, but also prevents emergency calls when possible, such as fire brigades, police or ambulances; thieves are disabled The location of the vehicle steals cars or trucks that transport valuable cargo.

With the development of GPS positioning system, more and more users of GPS trackers, the style is more diverse, because of its small design, low price, the naked eye is difficult to find, many criminals use it to track others, bring others a major security risk, people with monitoring problems can use high-performance cell phone jammer to stop GPS tracking.

In fleet management, telematics systems are increasingly used, making daily workflows more data-oriented, including GPS tracking. The fleet manager uses a GPS tracker to monitor the presence of employees on the vehicle, view their location at any time, and accurately record all driving routes. At this time, it is best not to damage the GPS, because this may cause great difficulty in vehicle monitoring.

In some special occasions, such as prisons, government agencies, cell phone jammers can be used with the approval of OFCOM. FMG clearly stipulates that criminal agencies and police authorities can use signal failure interference finding systems to prevent cell phone calls in their area, because criminals use cell phones to organize criminal acts, such as drug trafficking, plan jailbreak, etc., using cell phone interference in prisons. This can completely avoid this situation.

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