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Whether the cell phone jammer is allowed to use

Admin Posted on 2019-11-1

In EU countries, jammers are banned in many areas because jammers can cause a lot of interference to local communication systems, and even a large percentage of users are used for illegal purposes. For example, the cell phone jammer will block all mobile phone signals in a certain area. All phone devices are in a state of no network or network search, and people cannot perform normal communication and communication, which may affect the call of the emergency phone. Some thieves use a small GPS jammer

It sounds like the term cell phone jammer is illegal, but not all cell phone jammers are used illegally. Everything has two sides, and the emergence of jammers must have its theoretical basis. In fact, most cell phone jamming devices are used for legitimate purposes. So, what is the mobile phone jammer, what is its use and specific scope of use?

When the mobile phone works, the mobile phone and the base station are connected by radio waves in a certain frequency range, and the data and sound are transmitted at a certain baud rate and modulation mode, and the cell phone jammer works forward at a certain speed. The low-end frequency of the channel scans to the high-end, which forms garbled interference to the signal reception of the mobile phone, and cannot detect the normal data sent from the base station, so that the mobile phone cannot establish a connection with the base station, mainly manifesting that the mobile phone has no signal, search network, no service, and the like.

The cell phone jammer is mainly used to shield all mobile communication signals around, such as the GSM 3G 4G signal network. Some high-performance jammers can also block the GPS WIFI UHF VHF band. Once the device is running, all nearby mobile phones cannot access the Internet, thus keeping the environment quiet, while preventing information leakage and stealing. At the same time, some mobile phone jammers with GPS interference function can also prevent GPS location tracking.

The possession of jammers is not a ban. In special circumstances, it is allowed to operate cell phone jammers. For example, using signal interference devices in prisons can prevent criminals from communicating with the outside world privately, thus preventing other dangerous activities such as drug trafficking; theaters and churches. The use of cell phone jammers can maintain the quietness of the theatre and the sacredness of the church; the use of jamming equipment during school exams can prevent candidates from using high-tech tools to cheat and ensure the fairness of the exam.

The Ministry of Education of Canada plans to invest a large amount of money in the Ministry of Education to purchase interference equipment to prevent students from transitioning to mobile phones during school hours. The German prison agency plans to place a large number of jammers in the prison to prevent people from communicating with the outside world. According to statistics, the German prison department has searched nearly 10,000 mobile phones from prisoners every year. Although they have taken many measures, they have had little effect.

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