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Operation is very simple of signal jammers

Admin Posted on 2019-10-21

There are many applications for signal jammers in the market. Conference rooms may use cell phone jammers to prevent unnecessary ringing during conferences. Teachers can use wifi jammers to let students drop their phones during class and exams.

Then, which frequency bands will signal jammers specifically interfere with ? how to make a cell phone jammer?

In general, standard jammers can emit radio waves that interfere with or prevent the phone from receiving the required GSM radio signals. Some models not only interfere with cell phone signals, but also block GPS and WLAN signals, the cell phone jammer will send its own radio waves to intercept the signal reception. Before buying a cell phone jammer, to see the signal band that the jammer is blocking.

What are the advantages of building a signal jammer? You can select the frequency band you want to block according to your needs. For example, when the mobile phone frequency band is selected, the jammer only blocks the receiving of the mobile phone signal within the shielding range, and does not block the normal operation of other electronic devices nearby. When the mobile phone is taken away from the jamming device, the phone will resume normal operation.

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In addition, a signal jammer is simple to operate, generally connected to the antenna, plugged in the power supply, and can work normally, which is very convenient. However, be aware that purchases must be used for legitimate purposes and not for illegal purposes.

A used user said: Be sure to confirm the signal band you want to block to choose. For example, if you want to prevent car tracking, you need to block the GPS signal. You want to prevent others from using your home WiFi network.you only need to block the WiFi signal; and to block the noise of the radio, etc., you must choose the frequency band you want to block.

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