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The most practical way to avoid cell phone tracking: cell phone jammer

Admin Posted on 2019-10-07

We often see such fragments from the movie: In order to avoid being tracked by evil organizations or reactionary gangs, the protagonist will break the tracker into pieces or throw it into the river. However, in reality, it is really possible to obtain other people's private information through a smart phone, such as the geographical location, recent communication records, etc. Today I will introduce a method to avoid tracking:a cell phone signal jammer.

Before we suspected that we were tracked by the mobile phone, the first reaction was to shut down the phone or set it to flight mode, but does this really work? In fact, this method does not work. In fact, each mobile phone is equipped with two operating systems at the time of production. One is for cellular network and another for users. When the mobile phone is in flight mode, it has no effect on the connection between the mobile phone and the network, even if the GPS coordinates are not sent. You will still be tracked and discovered.

There are three ways to avoid being tracked by the mobile phone: the first one is to break the mobile phone into pieces, of course, this is not desirable; the second is to remove the battery in the mobile phone, this method is simple and rough, but many mobile phones do not have disassembly the function of the battery, and the number of mobile phones with removable batteries on the market are becoming less and less; the third is to use the mobile cell jammers to shield the mobile phone signal near you. This is the easiest, quickest and most practical method.

The mobile portable cell phone jammer is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry, and generally low in power consumption. It is the main working mode of the signal shielding device. It is not necessary to set the mobile phone flight mode, also It is not necessary to take out the mobile phone battery, and there is no phone to the real or fake base station. Even if the SIM card is still placed in the mobile phone, we don't have to worry about those the signal from the fake base station. which also makes the main method of using signal maskers to avoid tracking.

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