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Prohibit the use of mobile phones in prisons

Admin Posted on 2019-10-29

We know that prisons are places where criminals are guarded, and the safety of prisons is particularly important. In order to prevent people inside the prison from communicating with the outside and conducting illegal transactions, it is strictly forbidden to use mobile phones in prisons.

However, because the mobile phone is small and light, easy hidden, it is difficult to find, so it is very difficult to completely ban mobile phones in prison. Two members of the House of Commons proposed to implement legislation in serious legal and regulatory crimes.

This includes installing high power jammer in prisons, cutting off all mobile signals within a certain range of the prison, and blocking any possible unknown communications, thus cutting off all connections between the prison and the outside world.

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Prison Minister Deli said: "In the past, relevant security measures have been taken, including regular inspections of mobile phones in prisons, reports by personnel, etc., but it is difficult to play a role, and even the number of illegal use of mobile communication devices has been increasing. If this new proposal can be passed, it will solve the problem of prison mobile phone perfectly.

Since 2005, prisons have clearly banned the use of mobile devices, and the authorities have taken many enforcement measures to strengthen the implementation of this requirement, including body search, the use of high-tech equipment for body analysis, metal detectors, UV scanning and so on. In 2013 alone, 7451 mobile phones (including SIM cards) were found and confiscated in prisons.

If the use of mobile phones in prisons cannot be strictly controlled, illegal use of mobile phones may lead to prison confusion and prison violence. In serious cases, some organized criminal groups can continue to carry out a series of criminal activities such as drug trafficking and smuggling.

Prison regulations order illegal use of mobile phones in prisons, and in some EU countries, including the use of most powerful jammers. However, after long-term practice, it is difficult to control the mobile phone ban in prisons, because in the process of shielding the prison signal, other building signals around the prison will also be affected.

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