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Specific uses of cell phone jammers!

Admin Posted on 2019-10-24

Cell phone jammers, also known as jammers or cell phone interceptors, are devices that interfere with other wireless connections transmitted by radio waves., such as cellular networks, GPS or WiFi. Depending on the model and power size, the blocking range is from a few meters to a few hundred meters. Interference devices used by the military and the government can even destroy radio signals several kilometers away.

So what are the specific uses of mobile jammers? The jammer becomes very useful in some rooms that need to be quiet or to avoid interruptions. For example, it can be prevented from being disturbed by a mobile phone during a meeting or during the test the students may use small technology tools to cheat, and can also be used to prevent the phone from being blocked by the mobile phone during the movie show.

Some retailers place this device in a corner of the store, blocking the cell phone signal in the store, so that customers can't compare prices in the store by querying the network, thus increasing sales for retailers.

In some European countries and regions, jammers have been approved by the authorities. In France, such equipment has been legally used in cinemas and theaters. In Australia, some schools are preparing to purchase a large number of high-quality jammers to reduce the use of mobile phones by school students and maintain normal classroom discipline.

Do you want to have such a jammer? In some countries and states, it is forbidden for individuals to operate mobile phone jammers. Some cell phone jammers not only block private radio communications, but may also affect other people's emergency calls in an emergency. Of course, many governments and the public sector use such devices to prevent leaks of government confidential information.

In theory, people can buy cell phone jammers abroad. These devices are easy to carry and have preferential prices. In places where they do not want to use mobile phones, they will create jammers that block mobile phone signals, such as schools, churches, cinemas and theaters. These companies may also use cell phone jammers, and companies may prevent customers from comparing product prices at store shopping sites.

Some dangerous elements use such devices to disrupt the connection to the mobile network, blocking emergency calls, and also interfering with wireless alarm systems and wireless connections. Before buying such devices online, we need to know the frequency bands and signals that need to be blocked in advance, but not for illegal purposes.

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