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UK prepares to use cellphone jammers in major public events

Admin Posted on 2019-12-27

The courts are a place to protect individual rights and to ensure that the trial process is free from problems and without any external influence. Like a church, the court is a solemn place and should not be disturbed by phone during the court trial. cell phone jammer must be used in court to ensure solemnity.

When the phone blocker is active, most phones will not display network signals, and when the phone blocker is turned off, the phone will be activated. The phone uses a unique frequency for calling and listening. Most cell phone blockers block either of these two frequencies, indirectly providing a preventive effect for both. Cell phone blockers work in the same way as interference suppressors used to prevent radio communications. They work by interrupting the frequency from cell phone to base station or from base station to cell phone.

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The UK is preparing to use advanced mobile signal jamming technology in large public events and sporting events to detect, track and interrupt the control of any terrorist drone flying long distances, such as air weapons, drone bombs, etc.

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