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Cell phone signal jammer works well in the factory

Admin Posted on 2020-01-09

The cell phone jammer is one of the equipment required for the test site. The phone signal is blocked and the phone does not work properly, which can help the test room staff to monitor the candidates for cheating. With such very scientific and reasonable equipment, there are many benefits. Please use this portable signal jammer in time. From the beginning of the test to the end of the test, the signal blocking function is installed, which can effectively prevent fraud. At the same time, turning off the device after the test will not affect the normal use of the mobile phone.

hidden mini mobile phone jammer

In some factories, managers have so far tried to ban employees from bringing mobile phones to the factory, but with little effect, many companies have begun to purchase new technologies such as WiFi jammers with strong jamming ranges to solve this problem. Signal jammers are a controversial topic, and many people think that this device will affect their freedom of communication. Some high school dormitories have installed cell phone jammers, and cell phone signals are blocked to prevent students from indulging in playing cell phones and surfing the Internet at night.

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