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Cell phone jammer emits radio waves to prevent cell phone calls

Admin Posted on 2019-12-23

We have been developing systems for countermeasures against cheating in exams, and many customers have previously strongly requested this. Recently there was a news arrest of criminal suspects and accomplices who committed high-tech cheating in driving license examinations. We put development and verification first and finally completed it. Our new cell phone jammer (radio wave jamming device) goes a step further and the radio wave jammer detects specific radio waves and works with the jammer. This is a new mobile phone jammer product that is turned on to block mobile phone signal transmission only when necessary.

The phone will no longer receive signals from the base station. With this device, mobile phone users cannot make or receive calls or send or receive messages. It can block 3G, GSM, CDMA and other signals. In general, the more jammer antennas on a mobile phone, the stronger the interference signal. These antennas play an important role in signal blocking strength and protect your personal life and business.

8 band cell phone signal jammer

Using mobile phones is a big problem, and the radio waves emitted by some phones can even cause the pacemaker to malfunction. To stop ringtones, the smartest option is to buy a phone jammer product. There are more and more users of such jammers, and there are multiple ways to protect themselves. This is a very convenient device. It sends out enough radio waves to disturb the phone. Communication is suppressed.

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