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What type of cell phone jammer is used in the prison?

Admin Posted on 2019-11-2

We know that cell phone jammers will be used in prisons to block mobile phone signals to prevent criminals from using their mobile phones to communicate with the outside world. What kind of cell phone jammers does the prison use?

The size, structure, and height of each prison are different. Even the terrain around each prison, the distribution direction and power of the mobile base station are different, so that the strength of the mobile phone signal transmitted from the base station is also different.

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Therefore, when setting up the jammer in the prison, depending on the actual conditions on site, due to the influence of air humidity and other factors, even in the same environment, the signal strength will change. Depending on the environment, cell phone signal jammers with wide interference radii can be used.

Directional antennas can be considered in prisons to control the main radiating area of ​​the interfered signal. High-power cell phone jammer can be used in prisons, or WiFi jammers can be installed in some surveillance areas to prevent interference devices from being damaged. This is a kind of check-out device that checks for normal and stable operation to achieve interference effects. method.

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