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Cell phone jammers can also destroy GPS tracking

Admin Posted on 2019-11-2

August 28, 2004, USA - McGregor said: In the Iraq war, Iraqis interfered with GPS navigation data, which leads to US cruise missiles, bombers, etc. could not locate any bombing targets.

GPS is a strategic tool. It was later confirmed that during the sandstorm, Iraqis did use GPS jammers. As Americans relied too heavily on GPS and airborne radar surveillance systems, the result of the misery was that GPS navigation bombs all lost their targets.

The GPS jammer is a gps signal jamming device that can completely block the global positioning system. Such interference devices are not surprised in real life. It can block gps positioning within a certain range (usually 5-20 meters), thus making its position disappear.

Many cell phone jammers have GPS signal interference, which can not only interfere with our mobile phone signals, such as GSM 3G 4G, but also set the interference band to GPS WiFi UHF VHF signal, which is powerful. Radio waves are emitted, and this part of the frequency band coincides with the band emitted by the jammer, making them ineffective.

We know that our mobile phones all have a GPS navigation and positioning system. When we use a lot of mobile phone applets and software, they will ask for access to our location to get our location information. Sadly, many thieves, criminals will place small GPS locators in our car or in the car to monitor us in real time, so that they can carry out illegal activities, such as stealing our cars.

The cell phone jammer here is not only powerful but also cheap, and it is important that the interference frequency band is adjustable and the functions are diverse. You can choose to buy according to your personal needs, but you can't use it for illegal purposes, otherwise you will be subject to legal investigation. In some special sectors, such as military aviation, the use of sophisticated technology can reduce the impact of cell phone jammers on GPS navigation, using special antennas that receive signals only in specific directions.

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