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3g 4g phone jammer helps maintain social stability

Admin Posted on 2020-01-09

Using mobile phones at gas stations, gas stations, oil depots, etc. can cause fires and explosions with serious consequences. 3g 4g jammer is a new way to maintain social stability. Some opportunists use mobile phones to cheat during the test. Some terrorists and hostiles use mobile phones to detonate bombs. The criminal's mobile phone number is that criminals Bluetooth has become a criminal tool. The fact that cell phone jammer maintains the stability of bad society.

The company has developed jammers that can effectively address mobile phone signals. Security information, such as electric fence networks, new products formed by specific electromagnetic signals at specific locations, should protect the base station so that mobile phones cannot receive data from external phones, and therefore cannot receive negative information generated by mobile phones. For security roles To eliminate the impact, it is not possible to establish a connection with a super mobile phone jammer base station.

8 band cell phone signal jammer

Technical indicators of mobile jamming equipment, through the "Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Environmental and Health Product Safety Management Center", "Police Police Electronics Product Quality Inspection Center", in strict tests, WiFi jammers for electromagnetic field strength measurement Much lower than the "Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Requirements", that is, there is no need to worry about its radiation effects, it is harmless to the human body,

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