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who invented jammer ?

Admin Posted on 2022-07-28

In 1999, Tang Tai led a technical team in his laboratory to successfully develop the first mobile phone shielding device in China. This is a technical research team composed of teachers and students of Tsinghua University. Its founder is Tang Tai.

The mobile phone signal jammer uses the latest Israeli interference technology to generate stable electromagnetic signals, covering the frequency bands of mobile communication GSM, CDMA, GPRS, local calls, and PHS, so that mobile phones cannot be used in some specific places, so as to solve some problems. Negative effects of cell phone signal in life right now.

mobile signal jammer

The main purpose of developing jammer is to protect the safety of gas stations and oil depots

Tang Tai explained that when the cell phone jammer was developed, it was basically provided to special departments such as the army and security, mainly to protect the safety of gas stations, oil depots, communication hubs and other places. However, unexpectedly, the mobile phone signal jammer he developed and invented is widely used in the folk.

Around 1999, electronic mobile phone jammer spread to the people very accidentally." Talking about the spread of mobile cell phone jammer, Tang Tai's words showed helplessness. He said that at that time, gas station explosion accidents occurred in Henan and Guangxi. As a member of the accident investigation expert team, Tang Tai came to the conclusion that the explosion caused by the use of mobile phones and suggested that gas stations should use mobile phone shielding devices to avoid the occurrence of violent changes in microwave pulses. explode. "As a result, the instrument has been imitated and produced by many manufacturers, and then it has developed to the point where it is almost out of control today." Tang Tai said.

What was even more unexpected was that the products originally developed were also welcomed by examination management agencies all over the world.

Use in the examination room will directly interfere with candidates' thinking

According to Tang Tai, the principle of the mobile phone jammer is very simple: it emits noise waves on the same channel, and drowns the normal communication signals of mobile phones and base stations in the noise. Because the current mobile phones (GSM and CDMA) all use digital communication, they have strong anti-interference capabilities. To forcibly interfere with the communication signals of mobile phones and base stations, high-power and wide-channel noise signals must be used (due to The mobile phone itself has a frequency hopping function), in order to completely cut off the signal between the mobile phone and the base station. "It is extremely unsuitable to use such high-power professional equipment in the examination venue, because the radiation of such equipment is seriously exceeding the standard, which will directly affect the thinking activities of the examinee's brain."

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